✈ South Korea 2023 — COEX Mall, Starfield Library and Dongdaemun Design Plaza

The first day of 2023 and how do I spend it?

Tbh, I didn't have grand plans and while I had my itinerary, most of them were interchangeable (unless those with fixed schedules).

Well, I decided to go to the iconic Starfield Library!


🔹 Bongeunsa Station, Exit 7 or Samseong Station, Exit 6

Yup, it's basically a mall that houses the Starfield Library, along with the COEX Aquarium.

Looking for the library, I checked out the shops too, especially cute-looking ones 😝 I also went to Olive Young because I wanted a sun stick and some friends back home asked to pasabuy stuff too!

There were a lot of on-sale items, and I almost bought the 9,500 won one (original price at 23,000), then I read that the promo ended Dec 31st 💀 I was 1 day late... And I tried other Olive Young stores to see if they have different promos, but they all have the same ones. So if you are to buy from there, make sure to do a big purchase amounting to 30,000 won and above to qualify for tax refund~

Who wouldn't enter seeing this cute pink rabbit!? BUTTER Shop has multiple stores in SK and if you love themed cute stuff, it's haven~ It is quite pricier than like, Daiso, of course.

I was wondering why I kept seeing rabbits, not just in this store, and I felt like a fool when I realized 🙄 It's because it's the Year of the Rabbit, duh! 😅🤣 Anyway, you see I'm bringing a Uniqlo bag here; as I've mentioned Uniqlo stores in Seoul are limited, I took the chance to buy leggings and socks from the branch there.

@pearlyjane.com Fastfood there almost always have cheese stick/balls! #kfc #kfckorea #seoul ♬ Amino Acid - NCT 127

Quick lunch at KFC~ They say to try fastfood in other countries to see their different menu, and while I wanted to try their chicken, as usual they come in sets, and I cannot for the life of me finish one whole chicken. So I usually settle for sides: nuggets, chicken tenders and the like.


And now, let's go to this beautiful library!

I know I'm not that big of a reader now compared to my younger years (Luh, you're not old!!) but I still got soft spot for books and libraries. I still have that dream to open a cafe slash library slash kpop store 🔮

There were soooo many people, and while I want the touristy escalator photo, it was not achievable for me even though I have a tripod. This is the view from upstairs:

There are desks downstairs and upstairs, so you can really study and / or work here. And for FREE! Ahhhh *dreamy sigh* They're limited tho, so you gotta be early if you wanna have dibs on one.

With this many people, I actually felt super shy setting up my tripod and taking photos. LEGIT. I know Koreans, for the most part, don't care, because even if they see me with my tripod, they'd literally just pass and not even stop or walk behind it. Just funny to me, is all 😂 Some did give me 👀 looks. But it's something you just have to accept since you're in a public place. 

These were my early attempts and as you can see, lots of photobombers. I won't share the horrible ones, of course 😆

Now, that photo on the right is my money shot, my most fave~ Makes for a Kdrama feel 😝 Idk but when I look at the guy, I think of Lee Dohyun. Eme

This is from the other entrance / exit. Again, we have the study / work seats, and I'm amazed again how they have ready sockets for you to plug your devices 👏

And while I was sitting on an outside seat to post some photos (priorities 😄), I then heard some music playing and remembered that right, there was a Christmas Light Show! Thankfully I haven't left yet, whew.



🔹 Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station, Exit 1

I move to DDP because I read that there was a Seoul Light show until Jan 1st. Sadly, nada. I went there and saw no show 🥲

Anyhoo, it's so cool how the plaza is connected to the subway. Just exit from Exit 1 and you've arrived! It would be really amazing if you even get lost here 🤣

I believe the famous LED white rose garden has stopped operation for years now, but there's still this little area left~ It would've been nice to see a field of white roses, but we've got to enjoy the present *shrugs*

I got to a point that it's annoying to set up tripod, but it's not like I'm there everyday, you know? So I snap, snap, snap until I'm satisfied / it's already so cold to take any more.

This is where Seoul Fashion Week happens and it must be incredible for it to be filled with fashionistas and celebrities 🤩 I'll come back at daytime next time and take more OOTD photos! Natural light is the best~

I really didn't stay that long because I was disappointed of the non-light show, so I don't know why but I naturally proceed to Myeongdong. Maybe because as a solo traveler, I can depend on street food? And I finally tried egg bread / gyeranbbang!!!!

All these years of being a fan of Korean anything... Imagining what this tastes as a carbs / pastry girl... This is 2,000 won and served hot. Exactly bread with egg and simple as it is, I love it 🥰

I tried other food too, and it does bewilder me how I didn't document them 🤡 Must've been way too hungry and cold. But I swear, eating on the street is hard. Taking your mask off is enough to freeze you. I wish I was kidding.

Little exciting tidbit: I heard WINNER's Holiday in one of the shops here, and I had to stop to record 😝 The songs I mostly heard were from New Jeans, IVE, Le Sserafim (4th gen girl group era is REAL!) and Big Bang. Hilarious about Big Bang is that a Nature Republic branch plays their songs so loud but their endorsers are NCT 127 😅 (I am kinda regretting about anything NCT tho because I started stanning them this year AFTER their Manila concert last September and AFTER my SK trip... NO WORDS)

It was a HAPPY NEW YEAR fosho!!!!


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