✈ South Korea 2022 to 2023 — 2 Weeks in Seoul and Busan Itinerary

 Yes, that's right, I was in Seoul, South Korea!

(* ˚᷄ 艸 ˚᷅ *)


Just boarded the plane to 🇰🇷🫰

Still feels surreal, and definitely because a lot has happened before the trip itself. I left something long-term, had gallstone removal surgery... It was CRAZY. While those were happening, I still had my Korean visa application ongoing, and when I got single entry visa by December 1st, I immediately booked my flight. Nothing and no one's gonna stop this girl! (Even an operation wound, yuhhhh)

I initially didn't want a winter trip because as someone from a tropical country, I was kinda afraid I wouldn't be able to handle the cold. But it was inevitable; the visa was gonna be valid for 59 days. March would be a good bet, since it'll be spring.

Then again, I chose my travel dates (December 29, 2022 to January 14, 2023) as I wanted to be able to visit SoKor when I was in my twenties and when I turned 30 on January 6th 🥹🥹🥹🥹 Not to mention, Mino has his festival on December 31st and Seunghoon has cafe events on his birthday week (and eventually a birthday meet-and-greet where I got to see him!). And what sealed it was I was gonna watch AOMG's concert on January 15th. As a non-Manila girl, this was saving up on the flights!


Immigration definitely had me NOT telling anyone— kidding, I did tell more people than I thought 😅 I wanted to keep it to only my fam and my best friends, but I ended up revealing it to a bunch that are close to my heart too. Again, I had to survive immigration before I can officially be happy, you know?

My flight was at 2:25 AM and I was already there 1 PM the day before. Yes, you will never see me late to the airport 😉 Check-in opened around 7 PM and after having dinner, I immediately went for immigration so I can BREATHE.

Anyways, my profile is I am a solo female traveler, and I work remotely.

This was how my convo with the Immigration Officer went 👇

Me: *hands my departure card, old passport+new one with visa approval notice*
IO: Solo ka? Why ikaw lng?
M: Hndi naapprove visa ng kasama ko.
I: Sino mgpic sayo? 🥺
M: Tripod 😄
I: *asks return ticket and accommodation bookings, removes and returns my old passport and visa approval notice* Ano work?
M: *says company and my exact position*
I: When return date?
M: January 14.
I: Bat antagal?
M: Manonood ako concert pgbalik (I used this reason because again, I am for real watching AOMG) then birthday ko 😊
I: *asks why I have different/multiple accommodation*
M: For different areas po.

When she finally stamped my passport, I was literally gonna cry but I tried my hardest to keep composed so as to not raise any suspicion or whatever~ But little did I know I can't be totally happy YET.

Before the final xray before the boarding gates, there was another Immigration Officer that stopped me for another inspection. You'd think it was for everyone, but she only stopped me and let others pass. I internally shouted UNFAIR! but again, I just thought I gotta face this confidently. Here are her questions 👇

IO: First time?
M: Korea? Yes.
I: Where ibang travel?
M: *mentioned other countries* Pero nasa old passport.
I: *asks old passport and visa notice* Pano ka ng apply visa?
M: Via agency kasi I’m not from Manila.
I: When ka ngbook ticket?
M: December 2 ata kasi December 1 naapprove.

I answered with all the confidence I had, and ultimately, she couldn't say anything and let me go.


Look at my face after 🤣 Mixed emotions but essentially, I was so happy I could cry 😭😭

At this point, I shall be sharing my itinerary for the 2 weeks I spent in Seoul and Busan~ Do note that while it was my first time ever, this trip was more fangirl-focused than touristy. Still, I hope you find some inspo for your South Korean escapade!


 DAY 1 — Blogged

• Arrive at Incheon Airport
• Avail SIM and T-Money (transportation card)
• Ride AREX train to Seoul Station, then subway to AirBnb
• Check in
• Go to YG Entertainment
The SameE Café
• Start Up filming location - grandma store
Myeongdong Night Market

 DAY 2 — Blogged

• Go to Osechill Café
 Ginger Bear Pie Shop (Insane, so many customers, you had to reserve!)
• Seoul Lantern Festival at Gwanghwamun Square

 DAY 3 — Blogged

Lotte Young Plaza, Myeongdong
• Ride The Beat Festival at Jangchung Arena
• New Year's Bell Ringing Ceremony at Bosingak Belfry

 DAY 4 

• Go to COEX Mall
Starfield Library
Dongdaemun Design Plaza
• Myeongdong Night Market

Somehow, I always end up in Myeongdong because I keep wanting to eat street food there 😅 Eating is quite difficult for a solo traveler like me as I get full easily.

 DAY 5 

• Go to Hongdae
• Lunch at 혼고집/samgyupsal place for solo
Gyeongui Line Forest Park
• Look for Seunghoon birthday ads
• YG Entertainment
• Hongdae Shopping Street

 DAY 6 

• Go to Itaewon Class filming location - Danbam 
Noksapyeong Overpass
• Fight My Way filming location - overpass
• Namsan Seoul Tower

 DAY 7 

• Shinsegae Department Store
• Lotte Department Store
• Myeongdong Night Market

This was a super slow day because it was that time of the month and I allowed myself to rest. Actually an advantage of a long trip 😄

 DAY 8 

Rent a hanbok and explore Gyeongbokgung Palace
• Bukchon Hanok Village
• Café Onion Anguk
• Hongdae Shopping Street

 DAY 9 

• Go to Ohnim solo exhibition at StART Art Plus
• SM Entertainment Kwangya
• Mamma Mia Dosan Café 
• Louis Vuitton Maison Seoul (to see Mino 😜)
• Birthday samgyup at Weightlifting Fairy/Jealousy Incarnate filming location - 홍익숯불갈비/Hongik Sootbul Kalbi

 DAY 10-13 

These days were spent visiting birthday cafes, shopping in Myeongdong and Namdaemun Market. I also went back to Osechill. I packed my big suitcase here and left it in locker storage as well because I was still to leave for Busan.

 DAY 14 

• Go to YG Entertainment for Seunghoon's meet-and-greet event
• Ride KTX train to Busan 🧟‍♀️🧟

 DAY 15 

• Go to Fight My Way filming location - Hansung Apartment Buildings
• Buffet lunch at Chakhan Pig
Namil Bar
Gamcheong Cultural Village

 DAY 16 

• Check out and ride KTX train back to Seoul
• Pick up luggage
• Ride AREX train to Incheon Airport

When I look back at this itinerary, I srsly feel like I did not do a lot slash I want more! 😆 Well, to be fair, I was able to fulfill the core reasons for flying: I spent my birthday in Mino's exhibition and even saw him that very night! Watched him in concert too. I also saw Seunghoon, though I didn't get to win a slot for his birthday event 😭

Anyhoo, I will blog for each day or location, and I will link them here when done ☺️

KYAAAA, I'm still not over this dream trip! 💙 If there's anything you're curious about or want some tips, comment below or message me on my Facebook page, IG or my personal account anytime~


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