💙 Inner Circle Diary — Mino Solo Exhibition, Seungyoon on Begin Again (again!) & MORE

I wanna start a new series on recapping WINNER's activities~ The following are the highlights for this week alone. YUP. WINNER so booked even without a comeback 😏 



I start with this one because the Twitter timeline was literally shookt when this video appeared. I mean, again, LOOK AT HIM. It's unfortunate to say I've only seen him twice but his aura irl is OOZING. You have to see him irl istg! He already looks gorgeous, but the in-person experience!? Unexplainable awe, yall 🫠

♡( •ॢ◡-ॢ)✧˖° ♡


Our Song Artist is finally having his own exhibition! It opens December 16th and ends January 15th next year. I am freaking out because my birthday is on the 6th 🤧 UNIVERSE, PLS APPROVE MY VISA, I BEG. I don't know how I'll survive winter if ever and I know plane tickets will be hella expensive but I srsly wanna gooo. Mino also has a gig on December 28th, so everything will be perfect. Oh, to attend Mino events, spend my birthday in SK, celebrate Seunghoon's birthday as well... I don't mind spending New Year alone!!!! When I get to go, I can also fulfill my life goal to fly to SK before I turn 30 🥺🥺

♡( •ॢ◡-ॢ)✧˖° ♡


Singer Seungyoon is always such a blessing. More ears need to listen and appreciate! And Begin Again team surely knows this fact because they have him appear again 🫶

Personally, Seungyoon really brings out the sadness within. I could be feeling nothing but when he starts singing even from the first line... *cue aching heart and tears*

Sadly and annoyingly, we don't have official YouTube videos of his singing stint so watch from the tweets below:

Okay, see how IT HURTS???? Feelings are being felt when this one sings. I am in conflict actually when I watch his perfs because I don't wanna confront my emotions right now, you know!

I need Seungyoon doing more duets with female singers ☹️ He's the best in harmonizing for me. Also, most people would know 25, 21 due to the Kdrama of the same name, but this song equates Seungyoon for us ICs 💙

♡( •ॢ◡-ॢ)✧˖° ♡


Mino has a collaboration with Visit Seoul on a subway travel series, and when you have WINNER + travel = I'm even more in! Their recent comeback concept proves that 😊

This will have 3 episodes for the remaining Wednesdays of November, see the timeline below:

I promise myself I'm gonna follow this itinerary when I fly soon! Okay, maybe not everything (especially if it'll cost me a lot 🤪) But I do wanna vlog about the whole thing and even recreate his poses and photos. Fangirl thru and thru.

From this ep's itinerary, at a glance I sure will be able to go to Hongik University Station then belt solo at Hidden Coin Singer 😄 Colorga Sanda would be nice too. It'll be interesting to know my personal colors, but watching the video, I really can't notice the difference? Well, it'll be different when I'm there myself, I guess 😅

Now, watch the first episode full here:

♡( •ॢ◡-ॢ)✧˖° ♡


Thursdays mean TSTS day! I actually forget as I work but thankfully, we have channel notifications 😇 I tweeted I hope we have dancing Seunghoon on the next episode and woohoo, hope granted! As much as he's commended for his content creation, I want him to be admired for his dancing prowess too.

Here's to more dancing opportunities, sir! And to your own solo album and promotions 🙌 (And that I can be there to cheer for you personally...)

There's also Seungyoon show, Sali and Yoonie new ep, and Seungyoon met a fan who wore PAGE hoodie:

It is definitely my fantasy to meet the members on the street!! Get their signature and take photos too!! Manifesting this luck for myself 🍀🔮

♡( •ॢ◡-ॢ)✧˖° ♡


This was previously scheduled for November 5, but in light of the Itaewon crush, events were either cancelled or postponed. There was then a new lineup, and WINNER was still included 🙂

Seunghoon with bangs OMG when he had a Weverse live days ago, someone was asking him to have bangs. He was kinda lecturing about it but he delivered anyway~ 🫶

Nearing 2023 and I still haven't seen WINNER in person again 😭 Sad because Mino will be away soon... I just wish things will finally be in my favor so I can see him. There should be more WINNER events as well 🥺🥺 THAT I CAN GO TO, FML. They'll be in Thailand on December 10 but it's too soon. I'm also still waiting how my visa goes before my other decisions.

On this day, Mino was also on I Live Alone! With Kian84, during their time in London for Saatchi Gallery exhibition. This man excels whatever he does, I'm jealous.

Whew, realizing once again how much I can talk or write about WINNER. I'll end this with their TikToks this week via arudaum 💙

But i love samsung💙


It wasn't me😢

Till the next recap~ GOGOSSING!


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