💙 Inner Circle Diary — WINNER Holiday albums unboxing


My faves released a new mini album on July 5th, and naturally, I succumbed to capitalism and ordered the many versions~ It's summer/travel-themed too, so literally even more sold.

I can make things easier for me and just buy from a local seller or Shopee, but no. I buy direct from SK, avail a box sharing service then they all arrive months later and the hype's dead already 🤪

Anyhow, I still get excited wondering about the pulls I'm gonna get, as WINNER made sure to fill this comeback with photocards and whatnot. I don't necessarily collect them, though my many binders and card sleeves might seem like I'm lying.

The ones that arrived first were the Holiday Photobook versions, since I bought and shipped directly to home. I was trying to apply for fansign by buying— wait for it— 4 albums 🤡 (Well, I had my luck with Mino with 5 albums, but that's for another post!)

The site didn't ship to SK because I had to use a global account. Korean account needs Korean phone verification, so impossible. Anyways, clearly, I didn't win 🥴

The annoying thing about EMS tho? I paid sh*t and I still have to pay the local post office a fee. Plus I had to get it myself— well, since I couldn't wait any longer. Never again istg.

I unboxed all these over on my YouTube channel~ If you can also like and subscribe, then 🫶😊

The KiT album I bought from YG Select and the Digipack set from Ktown4u. I do wanna buy from a single shop, but there are POBs or preorder benefits like photocards (YUP, I'm a paper slave). I have extra photobooks from Applewood too and they came with 2 sets of PVC photocard.

Timeline for this batch: since preorder, checked out everything before July 5. They arrived in Manila around September 14th, prepared and shipped September 22nd and arrived on my doorstep, the 29th. Shared box was already filled up in SK and one of my orders arrived after that. So while the rest of my albums were in Manila, I still had a set in transit to Korean address. Longer wait 🙃

That's why next time I think I'll just buy personally! 🔮🇰🇷 Manifesting ✨

What photocards did you pull? Wanna trade? (Looking for Mino wearing pearl PCs! 😋)


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