🔮 #ThankfulThirteen with CDO Bloggers

Just celebrated the 13th anniversary of CDO Bloggers last night 💚
Personally, it's my 4th year now (fate number 4!) - oh, how time flies. I remember just running this personal blog then deciding I wanna *challenge* myself and *go out into the world*. And when I decided to really sign up, it was also like on a whim.  

I got the email for an interview, and I almost chickened out then eventually went for it, thinking it won't be so serious, right?? Funny thing on D-DAY though, I was already at the meeting place and they won't let me in because they didn't know the person whose name I told them 🤡  And just as I was about to leave, the then CDO Bloggers president arrived and the rest is history~


I do really give credit to the org for all the opportunities they have given me and this little blog of mine. (The one with AirAsia the biggest yet 🙌 🙏) There's also much to learn from co-bloggers who have more experience, more rapport esp with brands. I know it's been 4 years, but I still have to get the hang of this industry 😅

Now on to last night's celebration, we gathered online to meet again and play fun games and win prizes! 

I won a LOT 🥳🤑 Thanks so much to the officers and the sponsors!

Here I also gotta show you the delicious treats I got myself c/o the org~ In support to them especially in this pandemic, we are to choose local businesses and off from Foodpanda, I discovered Bites. Whenever I open the food app, I almost always search for aglio oglio and milk tea, and OMG. Not even exaggerating, but I have found THE place I will be a repeat customer for.
I got their aglio oglio (obviously 🙄) with garlic bread + wintermelon milk tea + this Korean garlic bun that I've been seeing over social media. The latter was topped with cream cheese and was actually too sweet for my liking but not bad 👌 I WANT MORE OF THE AGLIO OGLIO, GIMMEEEE. The garlic bread too! I am hoarding tomorrow 😝

Again, thank you and happy 13th, CDO Bloggers! Cheers to more years 🥂


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