📍 Photo Diary — Tuesday Café and Sarsuela's

I wouldn't say my life has been eventful with the pandemic still ongoing, but I try to live day by day. I'm still hustling with 2 jobs, stanning WINNER- see how my collection is now 💙 Recently, I did check off buying a new laptop off my list, and while I promised I would finally be active here since then (I got this in September!), it's better late than never and here I am~


Fresh updates: I just got driving lessons! Two lessons for now, and I would say I'm good, but as my driving instructor told me, I'm indecisive 😅 Changing lanes, changing gear and stuff.... I'm sorry but I'm still new, sir 🙄 Anyhoo, it's actually fun and I wanna do well, and I hope I do!

Now, I'm mainly here to share about these 2 places I've gone to lately~


It's just by Opol highway, even before you arrive in Panagatan. Google Maps will be very accurate.


First few minutes we had the cafe to ourselves. I'm not a coffee drinker and when I go to cafés, I usually go for the iced caramel drink, so that's what I got. Then we got seafood pasta. I love pasta so much, except maybe cream pasta/carbonara?


I have more videos than photos so here's a TikTok video I made!


Romantic Tuesday* ##tuesdaycafe ##foryou ##fyp ##fypシ ##cafe ##philippines

♬ Romantic Sunday - Car the garden

Not that far from where I live, and I like how it's a chill hangout place away from the city.


People have been gushing that this is similar to Bukidnon's YAKĀ. Another chill spot then, so when work friends just wanted a night out, we went to check it out.

It's in Patag, in front of Vonchok Kabkaban. Hmm, also when you do the turn from Patag to when you go to Country Village? Again, Google Maps will be useful~

I ordered chicken wings, and I didn't expect it would be flavored and saucy. There was no indication in their menu, and I didn't ask because I just thought "normal" chicken wings. Not my taste though. But a big serving for 199 👏


They also have a 2nd level, but we didn't go up. Our table was directly in front of their sign!

I didn't get to try their pasta, but if I do come back, I'll do. I took photos of their menu, so here's a reference if ever you plan to go there soon. Not in there but they have softdrinks, just ask.


Ending this with their sunflower wall that reminds me of my one and only Mino 🌻
More photos and stories coming, I swear~!


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