Another Secret Revealed — Changes by David Mercado on September 17

On the 20th of last month, David Mercado successfully released the 1st track off his very 1st EP Secrets Revealed. “Sweet Lips” touches on people who face you with smile on their faces but actually talk about you behind your back. Aw. More importantly though, it’s an empowering and catchy song that some say it can be the official song for the haters!

This part at the bridge though!

Unless you’re paying my bills
Your words won’t hurt, they’re nothing to me.

True that *wink* This could actually be my mantra~

In case you missed it, "Sweet Lips" also had a TikTok dance challengeㅡ easy and fun to learn. The #sweetlipsdavidmercado garnered lots of videos and views, and 1 TikToker got to receive a whopping 10,000 pesos!

You can get groovin’ and learn the dance yourself here:

Now, we got another secret to reveal here: the 2nd track of David’s EP is up for release this September 17! Another all-original composition, the title is “Changes”.

For this one, it’s a different mood and take from “Sweet Lips”. According to David, “Changes” is about “how the changes in life also change how we define love”. This honestly piques my interest, because how do we define love, really? Love is just so complex, and it can mean differently to different people. Well, I myself can’t define it, so maybe this song will help me out? 😊 I’m curious how David will convey this, and I’m excited to get to pick out my favorite relatable lines from another great song of his again!

So, September 17 it is, folks. This transition from “Sweet Lips” to “Changes” will definitely be an amazing ride, so get on the David Mercado train and follow him on his socials to get updated anytime:

In the meantime, let’s sing and dance to “Sweet Lips” 👇 and over at 👈


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