✈ Travel Hack — How To Refund Terminal Tax and Other Fees for Unused Cebu Pacific Tickets

Due to the corona virus, a lot of travel plans have been cancelled, rescheduled.... I, for one, was supposed to fly to Singapore for Winner's Cross Tour stop there but again, due to the the outbreak, the concert didn't push through And as much as I wanted to just fly, I would be alone because my friends wouldn't fly na. I mean, I was sooo tempted to go alone but a personal thing came up too. *sigh*

BUT here's a hack that I'm very happy to share to yall! If you're not given the option by Cebu Pacific to get a full refund or you don't want to rebook with them with all the additional fees  well, you can just request for a refund for the other charges that come with your flight booking! YES, YOU SURE CAN GET SOME MONEY BACK!

This is also stated in Cebu Pacific's website itself:

Note the last line ㅡ "Passenger service charges for unused flights are refundable. You may send a refund request through our Guest Feedback Form."

I have personally tried this and I'm just waiting for the refundable amount to reflect on my debit card!

Much awaited, here's HOW:

1. Go to Cebu Pacific's Guest Feedback Form here: 


2. Choose Request for Type of Feedback and Refund of Taxes for Unused Tickets for Category.

3. Subject and Details are to your discretion but you can just indicate your name, flight and booking details though those will be required next.

4. See? Please go ahead and provide your flight information ㅡ Booking Reference Number, Flight Number, Flight Date, Origin and Destination.

5. Of course, you must supply your Contact Information ㅡ Full Name and Email are required.

6. Submit and you're DONE!

PATIENCE though. The airline's customer service is definitely busy these days because of the virus, so let's understand

You'll soon receive an acknowledgement email like this:

I replied back asking for the exact amount that'll be refunded to me and the same Customer Care personnel responded.


For offline purchases though (Bayad Centers and the like), I don't have that much information But for sure this will be detailed in their email to your refund request~


Let me know if this worked for you ㅡ leave me some comments below and share this to your fellow travelers!


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