For Budget Travelers: Be Travel- and Risk-Insured (Like Me!) for ONLY 1,799 PESOS a YEAR!

As yall might know and very much see here in my little blog, I do travel a lot (there's even sooo much more I haven't blogged about! Huhu). To be specific, I'm a budget traveler. I srsly research and dig into everything on most, if not all, of the trips I go on and find all the best deals. In short, tipid and WISE~

But honestly, now that I'm getting older ㅡ OMG ㅡ I'm starting to realize I need to focus more on adulting things such as health and security. Again, I fly to different places that I've saved up for, plan out all the details, but miss out on an important thing: travel insurance. (Real talk: I remove this feature when I book airline tickets....)

When I think about it, I tend to be more adventurous and reckless when I'm away from home, in another place where no one really knows me. That's the beauty of youth, right!? But with this, the risk is greater.... and to be somewhere foreign in a time of danger.... It's also scary.

So a goal ticked off before 2019 ends, it's to get myself travel- and risk-insured with FWD Live Philippines for WAIT FOR IT ㅡ

1,799 PESOS ONLY! And that's for 1 whole year!

Can you feel my budgetera self's excitement about this discovery!?

And what's more, it didn't even take me 10 minutes! So fast and easy, for real. No paperwork. ALL ONLINE.

Let me do a rundown:

 STEP 1: Visit 

 STEP 2: Choose one Kanduu plan you want to purchase 

There are 3 plans you can choose from:

KanMend offers Protection against 42 critical illnesses
 Reward: 6 months’ unli KonsultaMD telemedicine

KanLive offers Essential funds and protection for your family
 Reward: 1 year unli medical consults at Aventus clinics

KanGuard offers Payout for accidents or terror attacks, worldwide
 Reward: 1 year global emergency services

I got KanGuard because I was sold with their WORLDWIDE coverage. I'm aiming, of course, to travel to many, many countries and I would definitely feel more secure to go on international adventures with such a policy 

 STEP 3: Click “Buy Now” on your preferred Kanduu Plan 

 STEP 4: Fill out the application form and upload one valid ID 

As usual, FWD will ask for your personal and contact information as you can see below.

And yes, you will be asked a copy of your valid ID, so have it scanned already for your smooth purchase~

ALSO you have to tick a checkbox that your work isn't one that is dangerous in nature, which is expected.

 STEP 5: Review application form summary and product summary 

 STEP 6: Pay online via debit or credit card 

I don't have a credit card but my debit card totally worked! Again on how easy the application is. Just put in your card details and DONE! Confirmation and your policy contract shall then be sent via your email and SMS.

You see, when it comes to insurance policies, I get all kinds of jittery about the necessary qualifications and all that, but look at how FWD made this soooo convenient ㅡ I can even buy your insurance for you! (Well, maybe if you trust me about your information, which you shouldn't! Keep 'em confidential, friends )

Just 1799 PESOS per YEAR for KanGuard is such a steal, especially for those who live and travel with a budget. And I mentioned live because everyday life is risky too; you won't know if you'll get into an accident while on commute, field work and the like.

My 2020 will be full of adventures, and I feel assured I can take on anything the world has to offer next year and the years to come with this travel and risk insurance~

Secured adulting, hustling, traveling ㅡ I KanDuu it and YOU KanDuu it too!


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