🔮 October 2019 ㅡ Favorites

I'm back with another Favorites post! This will be all Korean because IT'S ME. *winks* Obviously I consume more Korean content and for this month I've been really blessed with everything that you'll soon read about. And you can say that it's a favorite of favorites since I'm gonna talk about some of my ultimates in Korean entertainment


GUESS WHO'S BACK!? Well, my men are and WOW. They have the nickname 믿고 듣는 위너 or TRUST AND LISTEN WINNER and of course, they live up to it. Yall, I've always believed in their musicality, but this comeback was just BEYOND my expectations and beliefs.

SOSO MV, for starters, is beautiful and painful ㅡ LEGENDARY, tbh. It really gives justice to the song and to its lyrics. How do I even begin to explain??

All I know is this title track is giving me all sorts of feels. As someone who recently had a split, it just hits home. A little admission: I haven't exactly cried my heart out over this happening in my life, not that I stopped myself. My life has been very eventful afterwards, so it's been wonderful. And in fairness to me, I don't wanna cling to anyone undeserving. KBYE

I’m not that weak weak weak weak weak
It’s just a break up
Like a drizzle

See!? Yeah, maybe because I've been used to being alone, and I've had my share of heartbreaks....

Yes, we’re strangers now
Only time is medicine
Shedding tears is a waste
I have to act my age

Well, I'm not saying I'm not in pain because I am. Truthfully. But it's not central in my life. I'm not focusing on it. I'm hustling, making money and living my dreams, dude! Okay, this has gone too personal. Let me share more about the album!!!

There are 6 songs, from which there are 2 solo songs by HOON and YOON! Yassss I have waited for Hoon's particularly ㅡ can we please get Serenade studio version too??

And come on, obviously, I love all of them, but I'm gearing on OMG a lot these days. DON'T BE SHY is close because this is a MINO x HOONY collaboration and I'm MinHoon trash all the way

 KDRAMA: When Camellia Blooms / 동백꽃 필 무렵 

Compared to before, I haven't really watched as many Kdramas as I want because I'm mostly swamped with online work. #adulting is realllll. But my fave actress is out with new work! The same way I trust WINNER's music, I also trust Gong Hyojin's acting. So I have never missed out on all her works. Except well, I still need to watch her super old drama with Gong Yoo~


Gong Hyojin is Dongbaek here and she's partnered with Kang Haneul as Hwang Yongsik, who is too cute here! Where can I find an adorable, protective and honest man these days???

The setting is in Ongsan and they have a different dialect/tone? And Kang Haneul's way of speaking is just honey to my ears~ His lines can get cringey ㅡ especially the romantic ones ㅡ but since it's a show, there's just no way but to melt right into his sweetness. Lol I mean, just like Dongbaek who has become *hard* because of all the unfortunate events in her life, you can't help but accept his love and fall for him too.

I will spoil you with this I'M SARREH:

This is both funny and romantic, you must watch~ It's not even a kiss (though they did ) but life-changing for this couple, really. And Kang Haneul is too precious here OMG MUST PROTECT AT ALL COSTS


And this kid! This cutie kid! This is Kang Pilgu, Dongbaek's son. Yes, she's a single mother. The dad comes back in the picture too. From there, I think you can plot down some conflicts in the story. But okay, back to this cutie patootie~ He's such a darling Pilgu is young but he worries a lot about his mother, about money.... Awww. He's more mature than his age, and it hurts Dongbaek too, because why should he have those concerns at 8 years old?

And let me spoil a heart-wrenching mother-son scene:

Throughout the drama, there's a neighborhood murder mystery that must be solved though, and on the 14th episode, it hasn't been fixed still! It's frustrating.

 MOVIE: Doorlock 

This is gonna be more Gong Hyojin. I LOVE HER, yall.

So I won tickets to #SineSindak2 of SM last week~ I'm in no way a fan of horror movies but hey, free stuff! Out of the 5 movies, I wanted to see this the most since: (1) Korean and (2) duh GONG HYOJIN. The quality will be no joke for sure.

And BRAVO. I screamed my heart out. Shall you watch the trailer first?

It's about Kyungmin who has her own apartment aka she lives alone. If you watch Korean shows in general, most of them live in apartments and they have these door locks with electronic passwords. They just punch them right in and that's it. Locked. BUT wow, even advanced technology can't shield you from creepy people and stalkers. Yall, this movie will make you goddamn suspicious of anything and anyone. Lol well, I did only after the movie itself. Going home that night had me looking around and doubting each person I was with in public commute

Yeah, in Doorlock, my movie buddy, ate Jen and I suspected everyone around Kyungmin But srsly, any show that has hiding and chasing is not good for my heart. Again, I screamed ㅡ all of us in the cinema screamed. It was THAT intense it was fun and hilarious

Recommending this 100%! It got 100% on Rotten Tomatoes too so yall can see it's LEGIT

 SHOW: Sign Here 

AOMG is a Korean music crew whose songs are my most-played. From GRAY, Loco, Jay Park, Simon D to Hoody, their feel-good, hiphop songs are my type

They're looking for a new member, so they made Sign Here! At of writing, someone already won ㅡ not my bet but oh, well. It won't be as fun watching the last few episodes because I got spoiled. F*ck SNS spoilers I will just have to share songs I like that this show produced:

Yup, I was rooting for either Maddox or Melo~ Anyway, they both didn't win I hope AOMG still gets them? Lol or have them feature in songs please! Maddox's falsetto is a gem that must be heard by everyone

Anyhoo, I have to share Hoody's title song from her new album! ADIOS is relatable AF: when you just wanna leave everything and not come back. For sure you've thought this even once in your life!? I did many times and up to now

ADIOS, then!


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