✈ Bukidnon 2019 — Love Grows Best in Little Houses ㅡ Hobbit House, Malaybalay City

Most of my work barkada are from Bukidnon, so whenever I get the chance to visit, I know that I will be *pampered*~ So after Aida's wedding (which I will blog about as well), we decided to finally go to the famous Hobbit House!

A sneak peek!


Location: Brgy. Imbayao, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon
Entrance Fee: 50 PHP

Supposing you're coming from the bus terminal, I attached the above map!

But I do encourage using your own vehicle or renting a van because IT'S SRSLY FAR. We set off maybe past 2PM and we were worried about the weather too. It's not advisable to go there if it's raining ㅡ the roads are still not cemented + the route goes uphill. I think we were just meant to be there because it didn't rain even though it looked like it would

Now, if you've noticed, the destination on the map is the Mt. Kitanglad Agro-Eco Farm. Well, basically, that's where the Hobbit House is~ You write your names, pay for the fee and then drink a cup of coffee or two ㅡ FREE! You can choose to consume this before or after your Hobbit House visit. We did after.

And these here was when the fake prenup shoot ensued. Do yall think I should charge them a photographer rate now?


Disclaimer: What I brought was my trusty Fujifilm XT10 with the Meike 35mm f/1.7 lens. This will explain why I don't have wide shots of the place and more tight, portraits.

I totally can't live in this tiny house. Lol my neck and back will break~

There are many Instagrammable corners so if you wanna fill up your gallery lol then come early! Again, also to avoid the rain. They said it usually rains in the afternoon so thank God it didn't when we went!


If you've read my Cebu family trip, there was also this Bali-inspired swing in Sirao


They maximized the space well ㅡ all the plants and trees + pretty photo spots. I mean, if you'll be going sooo far, might as well leave with good pictures!?


This is such a romantic place too, plus I did go with couples... UGH THE AUDACITY TO MAKE ME JELLY JK *cue Jealousy is a Familiar Friend by Reese Lansangan*



And they have another swing! I love swings! Except I couldn't swing this as far and as high because this is fronting a cliff-like area. Lol but imagine the swing in Bali Thinking about it now, I don't think I can do it but perhaps if I'm there already, I'd take the challenge!? Let's see in the future~

There was no guide / staff whatsoever so you're really left to explore on your own. But it would've been nice to have someone to take our group photo ㅡ we definitely didn't have one. I didn't bring a tripod too... Overall, it's great to be left to our own business. This beautiful forest all to ourselves? WIN.

This got me thinking though: should I also set up a picturesque spot that both locals and tourists can visit? Anything social-media worthy gets people intrigued and invested so it'd be a good income generator. It'd be fun to put all these creative ideas in my head to life and decorate! Lol but I still have a long way to go for this kind of plan~ Yall know my "priorities".


So far, which is your favorite photo location? Comment down below! (Lol that sounds vlog-ish)

I believe we've toured everything but I think there are still other nooks to capture. You should go and see for yourself!

Here's the cup of coffee that ended our trip and well, this post. Again, which did you like? Chika!


  1. Wow so nice.. :-) one day ill visit too.. I process visa to New Zealand and Hobbiton is one of the facmve tourist destination in there.. amazing that we have it nearby.. :-)


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