🔮 Life Lately — First Bride-to-Be of Dzais! #brAIDAlshower

It's been a while... Annyeong, chingus (Hello, friends)!

Things have been going so fast ㅡ or that's how it feels for me ㅡ like literally, it's already June, as in half of 2019! Because it's been so long, I'm gonna give some updates + share a recent happy event!

What's up?

• For personal goals aka travel, I had nothing MAJOR for the first semester of this year~ Well, that's also because I'm saving up for the second semester, which has numerous trips like OMGGG HELP I need to earn more money! Thankfully I won 2 roundtrip flights (c/o AirAsia and Cebu Pacific) so I'm saved on that aspect. WHEW

• Speaking of earning, I mentioned in my last Life Lately post that I was looking for a part-time job. AND I DID! *happy dance* It wasn't easy ㅡ I think I applied for all the jobs over at onlinejobs.ph. Lol EXAGGERATION but I was damn desperate, to be honest, but I met a good employer and it's been awesome so far! I write and it's mostly travel-related so it's a win for me

• We finally have a stable Internet connection at home! AS IN JUST TODAY. Most of yall don't know, but we've never had and I either just load my sim or blog a bit at the office. I did win a Globe Home WiFi but the speed has been unsatisfactory lately and I can't handle the slow connection especially that I have a sideline now~ In all fairness to Parasat, I applied last Thursday and they came today, Saturday, and everything's settled! So this blog post is also a celebratory thing ㅋㅋㅋ

• Onto the main topic: the dzais just had a bridal shower for Aidabangz! She's my first close girl friend to wed soon and the first bride of our work barkada Naturally, this was my first ever bridal shower~ It's wholesome at most though, which is unlike the *usual*?? Lol

We rented a condo unit at One Oasis, which we decided last-minute as it's nearer to the city. We were coming from work and bringing all the food and decor so it's just convenient. I was part of Preparation team ㅡ we went to the condo first to set up the whole place while the others accompanied the bride-to-be for her entrance.


This may look simple for yall but our efforts were grand The buntings were bought in Cogon ㅡ I actually didn't know there were ready-made ones! Kudos to Shaoran *winks*


The room was not as spacious as we thought though. We just had to make it work, of course. Transferred the bunting because it wasn't seen much in the original place. We actually changed our minds a lot on where to put it. Lol


Pinterest was definitely our best friend ㅋㅋㅋㅋ And obviously, we're serious about this. And TADA!


What do you think? I, for one, love how everything came out with the budget we had, like how much more if we splurged for this!? I find that I like organizing events, more so since I have such good support system!

And this is how Aidabangz entered into the party! Actually, we didn't prepare a fixed ceremony ㅡ anything goes. But photo souvenirs cannot be missing! I want to print all these:


This was around 8 and we were all so hungry but PRIORITIES It's hard to break the momentum anyway.


Here's our beautiful bride-to-be! July is coming, dzai, and we're hella excited! I also have my dress ready already c/o Shopee. Lol I can't wait to take photos on your wedding too, though not official but they will be my gift


Jeddai couldn't make it but she made a video call just in time! It's heartwarming to know that there may be distance between us now because of career reasons but we're still as strong as ever. We miss you, dzai, and see you at the wedding!

On another note, seeing friends marrying or being proposed to, I'm not sad about it... I'm happy for them, of course! For myself, I'm more sentimental on the fact that I'm getting older already and not yet in that (romantic) stage in life. SRSLY. Then again, I still have my personal milestones to conquer, you know? I mean, I'd rather fulfill them first but like always, I'm not gonna deny myself a love life if ever it comes again but PRETTY PLEASE let it be successful and long-lasting It's tiring to invest time and feelings, after all.

To end, congratulations again, dzai! Seeing you in your wedding dress will definitely be a highlight of this year~


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