✨ Kabaybayonan Festival 2019 — 5 Highlights as a First-timer

Anything by the beach is a welcome happening and recently, I got to know the Kabaybayonan Festival of Opol, Misamis Oriental. The said summer celebration is actually on its 4th year already! I discovered that Bela Padilla even graced this on its debut:

The event was held from April 26 - 27, 2019 and I got to join the fun on the Saturday. Honestly, it was a sweet event to end the month of April! It was a full day packed with activities that got me giddy even just from the sidelines~


Here are FIVE (5) highlights from this year's schedule:

 #1 Skimboarding 

I caught these young guys and gals first by the Apple Tree beachside, and I was just really impressed! As with any sport, I'm sure it took a lot of practice to do what they do — days, weeks, months and / or maybe even years must have been spent under the sun.

Each and every one of them naturally strut that lovely sun-kissed glow What was I even doing when I was younger??

The audience was a mix of young, teen and old locals but there was a youthful vibe all around. I feel a flutter knowing that there's a community that caters and supports skimboarding and its athletes.

 #2 Beach Volleyball 

After lunch, we moved over to Marvilla Beach Resort to witness some volley action. I personally have a little bit of *bitterness* to this game, more so because I don't know / couldn't play it. I never really grew up doing sports — I was never around people who did them. I just think you instantly become cool if you have a sport. Lol

As a viewer, volleyball was already hard but isn't it harder on sand?? I just wanna applaud the players, especially those who were into it and dove into the ground to score team points

By the way, I was with my lovely friends from CDO Bloggers and Camera Club of Cagayan de Oro!


 #3 Beach Dancing 

To be honest, this is THE highlight of highlights. I've had my share of street dancing festivals and this was just NEW and FRESH!

Dancing is one thing, but dancing with water under you?? I mean —

Everyone danced so well too! I was amazed + smiling the whole time with each group swaying to the beats of their dance tracks. They were also well-prepared with their colorful and matching outfits

And look at that crowd! The support is heartwarming~

 #4 Mr. and Ms. Kabaybayonan 2019 

I didn't get to start the night festivities but I got to the part where the contestants went and strutted their physiques with their swimwear!


There were 20 of them in total, 10 men and 10 women. The awarding followed, not only of the pageant but also that of the activities beforehand (Skimboarding, Boat Dressing, Beach Volleyball, Beach Dancing, etc).

My fellow bloggers and photographers and I had our own bets and mine won! I guess ten (10) was the lucky number because #10 from the men and #10 from the women earned the Mr. and Ms. Kabaybayonan 2019 crowns

Pageant photos ㅡ credit: Kenneth Potulan Chua

 #5 Rave and Foam Party 

I'm still waiting for the *official* photos for this part of the program because of course, I was there dancing and having fun~ The setting was pretty much like this below:

via Gfycat
This was my second foam party! (First was from last year's Endless Summer) I didn't let myself soaked though as I wasn't that prepared. Looking around then though, there's no doubt everyone else was on full party mode. It was the vibrant ending to a successful event. Let's go for the 5th!


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