💙 Inner Circle Diary — 190330 #SongArtistDay

I couldn't be anymore obvious, huh!? But for those who don't know about "Inner Circle", it's actually what a fan of WINNER is called. And WINNER is THE BEST KPOP GROUP FOR ME ㅡ I LOVE THEM HUHUHAHA

Enough rambling because I'm gonna fangirl *properly* in this post ㅋㅋ

Generally, I'm only lowkey. I follow them (music + variety shows + concerts = almost ALL THEIR CONTENT tbh), post occasionally about them on my personal acct / blog page... But srsly, I'm not very vocal?

Then I joined CDO Bloggers and met another IC in the person of ate JenJacqs! It's super liberating and ~joyful~ to be able to spazz with someone who knows and understands, you know??

We were both disappointed that locally (in Cagayan de Oro City), WINNER is not really REALLY that well-known ㅡ or perhaps the fans are lowkey like us? But each time I get to join KPop events, I get disappointed for not seeing much of the group. They are soooo good but underrated! It's sad, but I also kinda like that I can have them all for myself. Lol but in all seriousness, they deserve recognition as they're so talented and cute and HOT...   Let's not even mention they're friendship because I might cry~ 

Well, an *opportunity* came for ate Jen and I to be admins for WINNER CDO. I can definitely do this just FOR THE LOVE. If not then I wouldn't accept it. #realtalk

The previous admin gave us their page and we worked on updating it, posting photos and videos of WINNER's activities. This benefits me as well though, as I get much more informed and energized on what they do. Honestly, before, I'm not as updated.

And for our first event, it's for MINO'S BIRTHDAY! It's twice as fulfilling for me since he's my ultimate bias  So it was smooth making stuff for the party!


Left is the initial event poster we shared while right is the last-minute edit I did for the day itself.

I was initially tasked to do a banner but I got this idea suddenly: how about a ticket type? I mean, we were gonna show the Everywhere Tour. I wanted it like there's a cinema feel. See how easily the inspiration flowed!? For Mino and WINNER, yall

MARCH 30, 2019 happenings here on out:

It's safe to say #SongArtistDay was successful! There were only 5 of us in total, which was kinda a shame, but in the end, we achieved what we set to do: meet Inseos and fangirl together! The Everywhere Tour viewing ended at 7PM but we went home by 10PM? Chika galore ㅋㅋㅋㅋ After being lowkey for too long, everything was unleashed. Lol

It was a simple and heartfelt birthday and I just wanna thank everyone who came: Irah, Belle and Ella. And kamsa especially to my partner-in-WINNER-crime, ate Jen! Fighting to us and our next plans for / about our best boys ♡



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