✨ CDO Blog Con 2019 — 4 Nuggets of Wisdom For Bloggers / Vloggers

What give me fulfillment in life are definitely Travel, KPop and BLOGGING. More often than not, I have been and I am currently associated with these areas, whether they are family, friends (people closest to me) or acquaintances. Don't get me wrong, I'm no sikat person  But there's this pattern that people usually get into conversation with me about them. Yall, you don't know how much that excites me~

And CDO Blog Con 2019 came into the picture — a gathering of newbie to seasoned bloggers AND vloggers, not to mention all the different brands and sponsors. It got me stoked to listen and learn from local and Manila masters as well.

It could very well be a blogger's playground.

Let me run you through the 3-day affair:


The event was opened by none other than the VIPs of VIPs, the team that brought us #CDOBlogCon2019: Mr. and Mrs. Al and KC Curay of The Explorer's Channel; Mr. Arvin Dimante of StarPod PH; speakers Chuckie Dreyfus and Richard Paglicawan of LionHearTV and esteemed guests from Vivo and Limketkai Mall. To be in the same setting with these bigwigs was such an honor.

Restaurant Damaso then graced us with their Crostini Station — heavenly bites that filled our stomachs. Someone didn't have breakfast (read: me) so it was such a welcome sight. But it's a standard: no eating yet until everyone got their photos and videos!

Wait, you've probably heard Restaurant Damaso in SM CDO Downtown Premier is closing but don't you fret! They still offer catering services for your parties / occasions so get in touch through their Facebook page. *winks*

The much-awaited talks followed:

Day 1 | April 11, 2019


• Blogging Fundamentals and Online Content Development for Bloggers - Chuckie Dreyfus

• Photography for Bloggers - Clement Dampal II


Mobile Photography with the NEW VIVO V15. #LevelUpToVivoV15 - also by Clement Dampal II

The Vivo V15 has a 32-megapixel selfie camera (that elevates!) plus a 48-megapixel back camera. Why on earth did I not wait for this beast to be released!?

Day 2 | April 12, 2019

If the 1st day was about blogging, it's for vlogging this time around.

• Vlogging and Video Content / Story Development for Vloggers and YouTubers - Richard Paglicawan of LionHearTV


• Videography for Vloggers and YouTubers and Mobile Videography / Vlogging - Atoy Martinez

Here, Mr. and Mrs. Al and KC Curay announced the many contests for the participants: the #CDOBlogCon2019BloggingContest, the #CDOBlogCon2019VloggingContest and the contest where one can win a new Vivo V15, the #LevelUpToVivoV15. Aside from the phone, the prizes are no joke! *sighs* It would indeed be a blessing to be one of the winners!

Day 3 | April 13, 2019


• Blogger vs Influencer + Incorporating SEO into your SNS - Kaycee Enerva of KIKAYSIKAT.COM

I'll go deeper on these topics through the FOUR (4) NUGGETS OF WISDOM I was able to pick up for myself, which could also be similar to your own lessons~

1. "Learn the basics."

This is one advice that really struck me as I'm guilty especially on photography. I don't call myself a photographer but I do love taking snaps mostly for my blog and / or memories but every time these workshops come up, I realize I don't particularly put basic camera tips and tricks into practice. In theory, I know them but putting them into action is a different story.

It gives me that awakening that I should srsly take these technicalities to heart so as to produce better photos and content. To be honest, I have a lot of *complaints* about my own shots, but who else should I blame?? I should instill in me to study and then practice. After all, it will benefit my blog and I.

2. "Fall in love every time you shoot."

I have no problem with falling in love... with photos, that is! I'm certainly that person you would see clicking away, making moments last with my camera. Then again, there are bad days or uninspiring days... We're all human. I think the takeaway is that you should know yourself and identify what motivates you to keep going with your craft / passion.

Know though that you're not a failure if you can't spew content immediately. Find something (or someone, hmm) to perk you up — to give you that energy boost to start or continue your blogging or vlogging endeavors. Personally, I'm stimulated when I get back from a trip or even a event that I greatly enjoyed. Music from my favorite Korean boyband, WINNER, is more than enough too!

3. "Have a circle that supports you and your passion."

I've been doing personal blogging since college and I just aimed to have this online diary for remembrance of my youth. I've signed up to various blog platforms (Blogspot, Tumblr, Wordpress then back to Blogspot). While I take delight in my blog, it's really not appreciated much? Well, with social media channels being so popular right now, the exposure is slowly getting better. Still, there's a challenge to encourage people to read what you've made. Of course, you have your family and friends, but it's different when you meet folks that know what you're doing and relate to the struggles behind the blog / vlog. Do you agree?


The #CDOBlogCon2019 was definitely the perfect avenue to meet NEW people and bond more with OLD friends. We got to exchange names, link and follow each other online, and basically just have fun together. These interactions could open new doors for longtime friendships and collaborations

4. "Be the blogger you want to read."

MY FAVORITE! I deem this as a quote that will stick to me forever and always

As much as I blog, I love reading blogs too! It's such a thrill for me when I discover new ones to read and I instantly follow them to get updated. It even saddens me when some don't post anymore or they've deleted their online spaces... I'm that invested! Believe it or not.

This doesn't necessarily mean I'm going to be a copycat because that's a NO-NO. I'm just saying you take the good traits of the blogger / vlogger you like~ For example, I like this Manila blogger, Ana Gonzales. She's into Korean entertainment like myself and her genres are travel and lifestyle as well. What I applaud her for is that Ana writes LONG content and she has CONSISTENCY. I could write and babble as much as I feel like but I should learn a thing or two from her about frequency of posting. See? It's taking inspiration but still staying true to yourself.

WHOA! I could go on and on but if I were to summarize CDO Blog Con 2019, the 4 above explains my very experience

However, I won't end this without reaching out and thanking the brands, more so those who have booths at the Limketkai Mall Rotunda. You've been really welcoming and I hope there will be chances to work with you!

Crystal White Philippines

Krispy Kreme


Bestfriend Goodies, MJ Foods and Crunchy Time


Double Bubble Cafe


Apple Tree Resort & Hotel

fitflop and ResToeRun

The Travel Club, GRND and Columbia

One Mindanao, GMA Network


Cebu Pacific - juaneffect.com

Jollibee - back with their Aloha Yumburger!

And many, many, MANY more sponsors as seen in below's poster ❤

This was the FIRST EVER Blog Con in my city, Cagayan de Oro, and it's wonderful to have taken part of it. I'm sure it won't be the last. See you next year?


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