🔮 Life Lately — January 2019 + Quick 2018 Review

It has finally dawned on me that I haven’t made a single post on January 2019 aka the New Year, aka my birth month~

Albeit late, Happy New Year, everyone!!!

I’m off to a good start for 2019 - my birthday came on the 6th, first off, and I’m now 26 years old. HOLY MOLY! It’s about time to get more serious about things, I would like to think. Hmm...

What's up?

• I got myself the Huawei Honor 8x! If you’re my friend, you’ll know how battered my previous phone was and I kept it with me for, more or less, 3 years. That one got soaked, fell a lot of times... But it was a damn decent phone that’s still alive~ Camera- and storage-wise though, it just wasn’t enough na for me. And I do deserve an upgrade after so long, yeah!?

• My dream wall / photo inspiration grids are under construction. I’ve been postponing these art stuff for so long and finallyyy, I have put them into fruition. I mean, they’re still in the works - I’m slowly buying the things I need too. The white grid, I just bought in UniTop Cogon for 100PHP+! I almost bought from the hardware store in Ketz, which was around 400 bucks? Expensive af. Anyways, below is a sneak peek:

• I’m currently into making collages. I was looking for photos in Tumblr for above project and for phone wallpapers - specifically Winner’s lol - and this aesthetic tag came out. You think of a theme like pastel and then merge different pictures that fit that theme and voila~ Here are 2 of my initial outputs:

A YouTube video suggested to use PicsArt and I did download it but you can only add in 10 images. It’s pretty limited so I did my work on PhotoShop! The pink one was in PS while the yellow is via PicsArt!

• KDramas I recently finished: The Beauty Inside, The Wok of Love and Prison Playbook. The latter is an absolute fave! I knew this was a hit in South Korea but I mainly watched it for Seungyoon, obviously~ It didn’t disappoint at all and I keep telling friends to watch it. The other 2 are no doubt good shows as well.

My current watch is Sky Castle! Damn, yall. I’m totally veering to non-romcom dramas lately - they’re just awesome! Sky Castle is about family and school life in Korea and it’s both sad and intriguing. I’m on Episode 7 at the moment.

What do I aspire for this year?

• I’m gonna do more art projects! There’s another one after the photo grid but I won’t say yet because it’s DIY. I will share it when I succeed with it. I might do a blog post! And / or do a video. Which brings us to...

• Me kinda swerving to the vlogging lane. Been on YouTube a lot because of GoSurf50 lol. Not that I’m gonna do it full time - my life is not always fun / vlog-worthy~ Maybe when I travel overseas (I may already have one booked this year! Yasss) because I want to preserve memories more. I don’t know how I’ll be able to juggle it with my photography though. Not to mention that duh, I’ll also be doing the navigating. *shrugs*

Shoutout to one of my fave vloggers, Joan Kim!!!

• There will be a huge blogger thing in April so I can’t wait to share the details! I don’t know much at this time even... Lol I’m sure you’ll find out about it soon through my profile and / or my blog page~

• Travel-wise, I’m planning another personal one besides the above-mentioned. It’s crucial, so I’m srsly saving right now (though I’m still recovering from the phone purchase). I need to have a part-time job! Huhu if you can suggest anything legit, please contact me!

• My Hong Kong and Macau blog posts will be up soon! I'm just really indecisive about my photos so they've been delayed but they will be posted this weekend maybe? And the following week. It's pretty exhilarating remembering everything and it makes me more and more excited about my upcoming travels! Kyaaaa

• I'm also contemplating on a very serious life decision... I said it's time to be serious, right? Just really considering numerous options about my career - to be stable financially. It srsly sucks to be 26 and still lost...? Then again, I'm not going to beat myself out because of it. I'll enjoy what I have and what I do right now~ There's some pressure, to be honest, but I just think to not compare myself and my progress with others and go with my own pace.

• Regarding friendships, I'm at the point I'm just gonna wait for yall to contact me. I've always done the reaching out so I just don't wanna do it anymore. Lol I mean, the relationships haven't changed - just that I'm gonna be low-maintenance and I'll only make time when you make time. Don't blab that I'm *busy* or I have all these plans and trip with other friends. I can schedule you in, okay? And we're all *busy* so that's no valid argument.

• So... inner peace as well. I find myself so invested in almost everything. It's not that I won't care anymore. I just won't care enough to destruct the me I have lived with all these years. Okay, destruct is too much, but well, I'm just saying, I'll stay strong and independent and become rich, at that. Did I also mention I'm going the positive route?? 해볼까!?

With that, I'm listing down what transpired for my 2018! I don't wanna do a proper roundup because it'll surely gonna be lengthy~ I'd rather you check out these blog posts I did. Enjoy reading them and reminiscing with me!

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April 2018 - Bohol with Teejay and ate Kams~ Here's Day 0, Day 1 (+ Jardin Necitas) and Last Day! I also went to Talikud Island on this month but I haven't blogged about it. Huhu
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September 2018 - What did I do??
October 2018Lake Holon, Iloilo with CDO Bloggers and AirAsia!
November 2018 - Mt. Anggas in Gitagum, Secret Trip of my Dreams lol
December 2018 - Christmas parties? Buying new phone?

In all fairness, 2018 was gooood. I got to travel overseas, go on a trip with college friends - FINALLY. Plus I got to fly for free!! That was one of THE dreams, along with the hush-hush travel in November. I'm keeping that to myself, thank you very much (though I'll be crazy in this rate).

To close, here's a fitting fave I recommend you listen to:

 Bravo Bravo my life, my life
For your courage that kept you going
Bravo Bravo my life, my life
For our bright future


  1. Love reading posts like this one...since I get a quick update of how your life has been. :) <3


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