📷 CCC Photo Safari #1 — Mt. Anggas, Gitagum, Misamis Oriental

Another shock of the year: I went trekking again. I am not addicted, I am not athletic - I am just not this kind of person. Hahaha but why?? Let's just say I'm going with the flow of my life. Because well, I did. And my feet are itchy and can't stay at home or in one place. Papa dislikes this fact 😂

The opportunity came through the Camera Club of Cagayan de Oro. I thought our president, Mr. Clement Dampal, was gonna schedule this the weekend of November 24 but he went and had it on the 17th. Looking back, he did right because I ended up not being free on the 24th~

I had hesitations (typical lazy @me) even on the hour of our departure but I swear I have no regrets going on this trek. Truly, srsly.

Our destination was Mt. Anggas; this is in nearby Gitagum, but we turned into a Laguindingan road? Anyhoo, I couldn't memorize the route exactly because I was busy looking up and devouring the sky so full of stars. If you know me enough, you'd know I'm such a fan of stars. I'm not even kidding about how beautiful the view was. There are no pictures to show, unfortunately, but cliche as it is, I have the actual scene embedded in my memory. Have I expressed my amazement enough? (Well, not to mention I got to witness 2 falling stars!!! That makes a personal record of 3 with my first in Bantayan Island. I made a wish, just so you know.)

Okay, the climb started this dark. For about 20 minutes, we arrived at this spot with a 360 degree view of mountains and nature. This is also a campsite where you can stay overnight. We plan to, next time! Yasss because my eyes and my heart anticipate devouring more stars!

This was 5AM? and we waited for the sunrise there with some coffee by the side. It is moments like this I am surprised with myself. I can actually wake up early and function?? Well, only for things, people, activities I like and / or my own will~ *shrugs* Unfortunately, my wide lens weren't in my hands so I made do with my XA2 + Meike 35mm.

How the sun illuminated us and the nature in our vicinity was just breathtaking. Maybe this was one of the reasons mountaineers have this hobby; God shows His power through a new day but illustrated like these, I'm sure you'd appreciate your life even more.


But here's my misconception: I thought it was just gonna be a short trek, as in didto ra taman, but boy, was I wrong. This trail was only 1 out of the 6 trails Mt Anggas has and it was not over yet. Well, I was wrong but I was also excited! This was not me, I swear.


I think I took a zillion photos here (okay, exaggeratin') but dayuuum, this is such a photogenic place. If I had my wide lens with me, I would've easily asked one of my companions to take some snaps of me. The Meike's manual focus kills me since I have to teach how to use it - basically, I end up blurred. It hurts. Lol

This is Engr. Raul Ilogon, our trusty tour guide. I thank and respect you, sir! Sir Raul is of NORMMS or the Northern Mindanao Mountaineering Society. He is very friendly and jolly, plus his tour is full of trivia and insight. He's even so game to take my pictures!

There was a slope with loose rocks and one of us slid and rolled over... I was so scared! I was in front when we were going down and when everyone at the back suddenly made some noise, I myself panicked and held on for dear life. Then I turned to see Kenneth fall~ Thus my anxiety started to come out ㅠㅠ He turned out okay, and thank God he didn't reach all the way down. I don't even wanna imagine.

My funk died down tbh, especially this part above. It isn't clear on the photo but it's cliff-like here~ Before I did the crossing myself, I made fun of the one before me but when it was my time, the struggle was srsly for real. Sorry, Phillip!

The trek is not hard per se; there were just challenges along the way like what I mentioned: the loose rocks and the cliff. It didn't help that my mind went on panic mode too. It's a series of ups and downs - just like in life. Boom. Whuuut

I've been looking for these reeds for a photo shoot with friends! I highkey hate because what I wore was just not girly or anything photogenic. And I looked haggard (totally no makeup, duh, and sunburned due to my previous trips). Lol I have big issues, huh? Aiming for this below (linked to owner):

Not quite the same, yeah?

Anyhoo... Mr. Raul led us to a special route. He said that while others were directly off to the peak, we were gonna go a different path and relish the view more~ He took us in this sorta secluded part where we rested and refreshed ourselves.

The length of this hike could srsly rival that of Lake Holon's. But while that one felt like a major climb, this one in Mt. Anggas didn't. Or maybe because I didn't travel long hours (and out of my region) to get here? To further compare, I was proud of myself then but this time, prouder. I'm shocked too that I wasn't as breathless / tired as I expected. Hmm~


Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying it's easy. All this depends on YOU. I, along with others, could find it okay, but for the rest it could be rough or stressful. The point here is to just try it out and challenge yourself. Fiiine, it's ironic that I'm advising you since each and every time things like this come up, I would initially refuse. (For the record, I have to weigh out my time, money, energy, etc. Not excuses~ ) The endgame anyway is everything turns out well and I have all the fun in the world. Forced or whatever, I get to have the memories so I win? Lol

We had our breakfast (or was it brunch?) here; there's a chapel behind these two and there's a nun that manages the place. I didn't get Sister's name though...

It was downhill then level and open from here; it's quite a stretch too until we got to the river~

Half of us then bathed in the stream while the other half (myself included) found a shack to sit and rest in. I would really have bathed too since it was hot~ If it just wasn't such a hassle to change clothes as a woman

Cherry on top, icing on the cake... Whatevs. I'd totally define this trip as another major highlight of my 2018! It's also the last for the year, obviously *shrugs* Well, perhaps you're interested to experience Mt. Anggas, you can contact Engr. Raul Ilogon thru contact number: 09164333878. I guarantee you an entertaining trip with his seasoned group

Wow, srsly, I don't promise regarding hiking but I will go back! Spend overnight there and do a different trail, maybe?


  1. Keep up the good work Pearl! Please include your iti details in your next destination

  2. OMG ka nice sa imong photos!!! And super relate gyud sa "I thought it was just gonna be a short trek, as in didto ra taman..." Kanang mangutana ka og, hapit na? Tubagon kag hapit na pero nilapas na og ten ka hapit na, wa pa gihapon naabot! Hahahaha! gimingaw ko katkat bukid dah :D

    xo, Ella | Off-Duty Mama

  3. love your photos. well done!sometimes,going for what we love doing takes a whole lot of effort but the reward are totally oh, so worth it. all the best for the next adventure 🚶‍♀️🏃‍♀️🧗‍♂️


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