✈ Hong Kong and Macau 2018 — 3D4N Itinerary

Can I just live in vacation mode forever?

That’s the escapist in me talking, but srsly. I can’t, though. I’m hustling enough as it is. Well, uhm, this is how I basically intro you to my first ever post about my first ever trip abroad!

I’ve finally put my passport to good use and I’ve flown to Hong Kong and Macau~

I haven’t revealed about this even to my closest of friends, and I’m sorry. I guess it’s just that I don’t want you to think and feel left out because I didn’t reveal such an important thing... Especially that I’m really an oversharer. Lels it was tough keeping all this a secret, mind you, but I honestly didn’t wanna jinx myself again. And I hope yall understand that (as you know the backstory). It was also a sudden family decision!

Okay… This was mainly a family trip and we chose to fly in August because of the long weekend – National Heroes Day on the 27th (Monday) and Higalaay Festival on the 28th (Tuesday). We flew on the Friday beforehand so hurray for being absent for only a day~

As I’ve said, this is my first time out of the country, so I had a lot of concerns: where should we go? Which area do we stay in and which hotel should we book? How do we exchange money / currency? You’ll probably worry about these too; that’s why I’m here and I’ll be glad to be of help!

I’m gonna break down this itinerary into different posts so I can thoroughly show you through each activity (how to get to the locations and all that). I’ll slowly link them when they’re completed, but for now, here’s our itinerary that I religiously researched for! I have to give credit to myself, yes? *pats back*

Klook and KKDay were tremendous help too! Buy tickets ahead because they’re cheaper through them. Imma link the ones I availed to help youuu

Slight warning – this is a packed itinerary. These 2 regions of China had us walking A LOT. Aside from riding their buses / MTR, we had to navigate by foot. I had aching feet end of each day. But NO REGRETS. (I actually still wanna come back since #bitin!!!)

To start…

 MUST-HAVES for your trip to “Asia’s World City” 


The Octopus card is totally necessary if you’re going around HK, especially on commute. You can use it on the MTR, the bus… It’s actually widely used from restaurants to shops. I srsly looove the swiping and beeping, like I feel so powerful. Lels

What we bought from Klook was already preloaded with 50 HKD, so we used that to pay for the bus ride to our hostel in Mong Kok (33 HKD). Just pick it up from the airport and you’re good to go.

4G SIM CARD Buy here!

While I know there will be free WiFi anywhere, stability and security are problems that associate with that. And I needed the Internet to access Google Maps (duhhh) and the MTR Mobile app (life saver! But you can actually use this offline), plus for upload stuff for social media. Hence, I took the liberty to buy a local sim card that will last us for our entire stay (3 days instead of the 5-day one). There’s a Pocket WiFi too, but there’s a need for a deposit using a credit card, and we don’t have one; that’s basically out of the picture.

Claiming Octopus and sim cards at Counter A13 at Arrival Area
Take note that the sim card only functions in Hong Kong. On our 3rd day, we crossed over to Macau, so our 4G connection for the day was deemed useless. Oh, well.


After a LOT of research, I chose to have us in Mong Kok. I decided so because it’s srsly near / around markets and shops. Like, you’ll find 7/11 everywhere. Haha of course, just like any convenience store, buy your snacks and drinks there; another convenient thing is you can even reload your Octopus card there. You can do so at the MTR Station itself but it’s another option, yeah?

Our choice of accommodation was Dragon Hostel at Sincere House. It’s near the Mong Kok MTR Station (as in 2 blocks away) and even Ladies Market! You just cross the street and voila, SHOPPING! This is where we bought our pasalubong (aside from a quick trip to Temple Street Night Market in Jordan). Also in the vicinity is Sneaker Street – if you’re obsessed with sneaks then look around and buy to your heart’s content~

Sincere House is basically a building full of hostels. One of my other options was Ah Shan Hostel, and when I got there, I found out it’s in the same place so whichever, really. Dragon Hostel’s main reception area is on the 7th floor and we were assigned on the 13th floor. Thirteen is said to be unlucky? But I actually didn’t notice / mind until my work friends pointed it out to me when I told them. Lels guess I was thrilled enough to be in Hong Kong to even care!

Our room at Dragon Hostel was honestly small but it fit the 5 of us and it had its own (albeit also tiny) bathroom. I’m gonna attach this photo from Agoda because it's true to life and I can’t even defend myself on why I wasn’t able to document:

This was not our room exactly; we had that double deck but we had another double bed instead of the 2 single beds. See, it’s srsly small but it’s not an issue for me. We don’t stay there for long anyway; just stored our belongings, slept there and we did so comfortably and safely. They even provided an adapter so we can charge. I bought / brought two but they failed me. Lels good thing I had an extension wire!

Overall review, Dragon Hostel has these PROS:
• Convenient location
• Easy check-in, check-out
• Secure
• Affordable
• Own bathroom with heater
• Cold and hot drinking water provided

But it also has these CONS:
• Lobby on 7th floor then room on 13th floor
• Small elevator, lots of waiting time

I can live with these *disadvantages* though, so I don’t really consider them cons. They’re what you pay for the affordability of the hostel anyway. *shrugs*

Oh, they have a website~ Click!


Based on my research, many people were suggesting Chungking Mansions. It’s in Kowloon though – it’s only an MTR ride away but in the end, we just walked around our hostel area in Mong Kok. In every corner, you can find a currency exchange shop so no worries. Just compare rates and look for the highest one if you have USD on you.

From PHP to USD, Mama exchanged it first at the bank here in CDO and then we flew to HK with USD on hand. Mama exchanged some at the airport and when we compared hers to ours, it was actually not bad. She got 7.6 HK = 1 USD while we got 7.7 HK. See, the exchange rate is still higher in Mong Kok, so that’s what I’d recommend~ Do compare because there was one shop with only 7.0 HK; you lose the value of your money!

If you’re staying in Mong Kok, here’s where we went to: the Great Luck Money Exchange Company. I regrettably don’t have a photo but it’s still on Argyle Street (near Dragon Hostel). The lady in charge was dainty but she opened her eyes really wide to check our money – it was both hilarious and scary. Haha

Behind me while I was taking the shot above is this clothing store:

Just turn the corner and the Great Luck Money Exchange Company will be there.


And here’s our itinerary! This covers pretty much all touristy places of Hong Kong and Macau, except Ocean Park. I couldn’t fit it in, budget- and time-wise, so I’ll come back for it, I guess~

Shall we?


Blogged  Ngong Ping 360, Ngong Ping Village, Tian Tan Buddha

• Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car - Roundtrip Buy tickets here!
• Ngong Ping Village
• Tian Tan Buddha
• Po Lin Monastery
• Ladies Market


Blogged  sky100, Nan Lian Garden, Victoria Peak via the Peak Tram

• Sky100 Observation Deck Buy tickets here!
• Nan Lian Garden
• The Peak Tram - Roundtrip Buy tickets here!
• Victoria Peak Buy tickets here!


Blogged  Senado Square, St. Dominic's Church, Ruins of St. Paul's

• TurboJet Ferry via Kowloon - Roundtrip Buy tickets here!
• Senado Square
• St. Dominic’s Church
• The Ruins of St. Paul’s
• Wynn Palace
• Venetian Macau
• Parisian Macau

DAY 4: DISNEYLAND (and some last-minute shopping)

• Hong Kong Disneyland Buy tickets here!
• Temple Street Night Market
• Ladies Market

I chose *chill* activities for the first day or two because there is a thing called jetlag! Haha (except that I’m srsly a hustler when I travel so kebs) then again, you can’t escape the walking. I can’t believe I made my parents walk sooo much but it can’t be helped. And thank God they’re still healthy and strong. Anyways, don't worry and just follow my lead, my folks! Hihi

I’m wrapping this post up now~ I welcome any inquiries, especially if you’re going to these places soon. Just hit me up with comments below or message me personally or on my page. As I've mentioned, I'll blog for each day / activity as to how to get there, what to ride, etc. Expect that and with more photos too!

Well, first international trip, ACHIEVED!


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