📍 Photo Diary — New and Cozy Chingkeetea

Work has been unbelievably busy... and trust me, I'm never the type to be busy. I mean, if you ask my friends and maybe even most people I know, they'd assume think that I was so damn free all the time. Which I'm damn okay with (the idea) but some tend to *abuse* it? Lels for a change, I became swamped with work and became unavailable. It was refreshing.

Enough and onto this feature of one of the hottest places in Cagayan de Oro right now. For me, at least. Or I guess everybody else thinks so since I've been seeing a lot of posts about it on Facebook (okay, this was supposed to be posted way back June / July so is this old news? Huhu). And because I'd like to take the opportunity to take photos when I'm not on transit for leisure, might as well get into the trend and I have no better companion for that than Teejay-chan!

Actually, the both of us also needed to catch up. We saw each other almost everyday in college, and now, we're stuck meeting only when our schedules allow. Charot this time, it took us 2 months after our Bohol trip to get together again. Yes, it's a fact that we live in the same city, but it doesn't help that we live at the opposite ends and she works from home. It's not necessarily a struggle to meet; it's just not the same as before. Well, #adulting is real.

I tend to blab, huh? Okayyy, for that Saturday in June, we set off to Chingkeetea!

It's located in what was formerly Gazebo. I actually didn't know where that was. Lels I passed by there days before but I didn't get to see that it was the new branch already. Their door sign wasn't too clear in the dark perhaps, or that I may have not looked too closely. Either way. This was in the afternoon, when we visited na jud, so found it, clean and clear~

It was packed because of course, Chingkeetea is popular - rightfully so, I must add. If I could describe the new place, it's not big but it's got that cozy feel to it? Like you just wanna lie down and read a novel or two... There isn't space to do that though but I'm just gearing yall to take in the atmosphere, especially if my pictures won't suffice~ Hihi

The 3 of us (Jason was present, the obvious thirdwheel) didn't have seats yet but we took the decision to order already. I had Wintermelon instead of my usual Caramel and if I remember right, Jason had Blueberry. I posted about this convo on IG so I'm just gonna link it down below like a YouTuber. Chos I meant embed. Teehee.

I find it regrettable that I couldn't take *proper* pictures of their decor though, especially of the piano~ A table is situated beside it - as in really beside it - and it was occupied. Not to mention it's only a table for 2; we can't leave Jason behind or they can't leave me behind, right?? Haha

I'm a professional thirdwheeler at this point in my life, more so with this couple, but I'm winging it great as always. For me, as long as my friend doesn't ignore me when we're together, then all is well. Like I could be the thirdwheeler but not exactly, you know? Yall get me?? But of course I'm not gonna be the friend who'll *trespass* on couple moments. I'll let you have your moments~

I'll even support you and take your photos! Then again, we shall take turns. Hihi

My hair is longer now and my bangs have grown out - honestly, it's such a hassle to manage my curly locks but I like the length because I look slimmer? Or that's what I think... And see the gold hoop earrings I'm wearing, I'm srsly obsessed with them! I HAVE to have a nice portrait with them on but it's a struggle to find someone who knows and understands my angle~ Lels plus I can only wear them on weekends since they're not for *professional* days.


PS. I'm just sneaking this in as I miss my blog sooo much! As I've said, work is crazy right now and blogging duties just couldn't be squeezed because duh, I have to sort out content and everything... Hope things will calm down by September. See you around~


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