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I'm just gonna pause from the travel posts for a bit! Here's to saying goodbye to hot May and hello, rainy June! The sun's out today - still hot - but for the past few days, it's been stormy and wet. Huhu

I don't wanna laze around anymore though, so here's a new blog entry to perk (me) up in these nasty conditions~ This could be a regular thing but I won't commit. My blog, my rules Read on now!

16B - James Reid

Everyone knows I'm James Reid trash so anything he releases is just #eargasm~ He dropped this randomly too, which is cool because new music from him and Nadine is alwaaays welcome  If you're also Kpop trash, you'd know it's damn frustrating to wait for comebacks - or maybe this is the Inner Circle talking!? Stan WINNER, stan patience 

Okay, back to 16B. It is such a bop! My taste is really more RnB, hiphop so this totally wins for me. I have slight aversion over the lyrics and MV though. The partying / fuckboy scene is just old now. It's not cool anymore~ For me, at least.

I'm not talking 'bout love
I'm not ready for that shit right now

If ppl just approach love and relationships as something *real* and *serious*, wouldn't it be a better place? I may seem idealistic but c'mon. Pop culture keeps feeding us that it's hip to be distant and uncommitted... I just don't approve, like, yall crave that significant connection with someone but don't wanna make an effort?? Screw that.

Well, bottomline, I still like the song!? *shrugs*

Just A Feeling - King of Masked Singer

Seungyoon and Seunghoon were guests at King of Masked Singer; naturally, I watched the whole episode to catch them, and while at it, I discovered another Korean song! It's Just A Feeling by SES.

I've definitely become a fan of Vietnamese Girl's voice - she's Min Seo in real life. One of my voice pegs~ It srsly astounds me how Koreans have unique and mesmerizing voices that you can't stop listening to. I think that's why I stan K music in general?? Because you don't have to birit to prove you're good. Just sing, captivate and touch my heart.

Just a feeling
Say it like you feel it
Think about it
Don’t hesitate
Just be waiting
Now I’m ready
Give me your all
I’ll take you in.

Since I was sooo addicted, I fished for the original from SES and then came across their recent performance of the track in Sketchbook. It doesn't help that I'm a fan of Eugene too~ She is gorgeous + talented. Wow.


I'm Thought Catalog trash too, but it got to a point that all I kept doing was reading about relationship drama and all that in there... I just didn't wanna overthink that aspect in my life. Like, lemme be here and chill. So I kinda avoid it lately~ Which brings me to this space on the Web: Medium. "Read, write and share stories that matter." I'm sold. HAHA

Basically, Medium is very much varied writing, and that gives me more to read about. I'm slacking on the reading-novels bit, so I compensate by exploring here, especially since I'm online most of the time (I'm trying to change that too but it's a tough battle )

It has limits, by the way. If you don't sign up, you can only read 3 full articles... And even if you're already a member, you can't access everything. You have to upgrade for unlimited. I work around it though by going to Incognito or opening it on another browser~ #lifehack But yasss, I do this simply because there's a lot to digest in there - anything and everything under the sun - and they open my mind

Laughter in Waikiki

It's only the half of 2018 but MY drama of the year is no doubt this one This was just over-the-top funny that you can't help but laugh out loud every time. Once, I watched this on commute and I had to stop because I almost guffawed. Haha it's slice-of-life, which is my favorite genre, coated with extra comedy and some sprinkle of romance. It got a bit frustrating, but only because the characters' misfortunes get exaggerated. All in all, you're in for great laughter, just as its title suggests!

I adore these folks! Or okay, to be honest, only Junki, Dushik and Seojin~ They seem like my friends and your friends; I'm sure we all can relate to their daily adventures. With my many years of Kdrama-watching, I realized I got to a point where I don't choose one just because of the actors in it... I mean, I still do (cannot wait for Park Seojoon's new drama! Hihi) but not as much as before. This is one of the effects of my age, I guess? Like, I haven't watched popular stuff such as School 2017, among others, because I feel high school stories are too young for me... Omo, did I just imply I'm old!?

Purederm Bubble Mask

I'm unbelievably doing some skincare lately; I can't decipher any huge effects yet but psychologically? It just makes me feel good pampering my face and all that. I'm still getting the hang of things because I'm just not a kikay girl but small steps, Pearl. Small steps.

Which brings me to trying out this face mask from Watsons! Raych Ramos is a local YouTuber I follow and I got intrigued with this bubble mask. And after using it twice, I srsly like it~ Usually, when I put on masks, they honestly make my head ache. Lels tiis-ganda, right? But for Purederm's, it's got a sweet smell - not at all overbearing. Basta it's the most relaxing I've used so far

It literally bubbles up! Best to lie down because it starts to slip down your face as the foam rises. It's 99PHP! I first bought it in Watsons Centrio but when I came back, they didn't have one anymore. Even the Watsons down McDo Divi. So I went to SM CDO Downtown Premier and yasss, found them!

Buttocks Workout app

Is this me? The real me? Because I'm also exercising. Before I sleep and wash my face, I use this app and work out! I'm struggling I srsly acknowledge that I'm not fit but again, I'm giving it a try and making this a habit. I'm not exactly healthy eating, so at least I'm moving and stretching!?

I could do a whole body workout but I wanted to focus on my butt because it's damn flat But actually, this is also for the hips and legs so yay! I started doing this everyday, then I had to join Endless Summer at Apple Tree. I know there should be no excuse but I was out and busy *working* and having fun in there~ *shrugs* Since then though, I had been slacking (as you can see on the rightmost photo) but I'm back on track. I srsly wanna make this a habit before I go to bed.

Geek Wars

Geek Wars was my precious hobby May of last year and it was that time again for 2018! I played with work gals this year and it was still the same fun + frustration

This was from the Geek Wars page. A memorable experience: they played KPop songs for a Music set! And you know me... I didn't ace it but only got 2 wrong!!! Ugh, I forgot B2ST's Shock and EXO's Overdose

No more at Centrio but they're now over at SM from June to August 2018! Still on Thursdays at 7PM. I don't know if squad will still commit to this because it's further away na. I'm game though. Anyone who wants to play just tell me! KAJAAA!

What were YOUR faves last month?


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