✈ Bohol 2018 —Island Hopping in Panglao + Ice Cream Break at Bohol Bee Farm

A recap: Teejay, ate Kams and I did a DIY Panglao tour on Day 0; a countryside / famous landmarks tour of Bohol (plus Jardin Necitas) on Day 1... And for Day 2 – also our last day – it’s island hopping time!


As what happened on Day 0, we were able to book our ship tickets for home via U-Go Travel Services in Panglao. Not only that, we were also able to book our activity for that Sunday, island hopping! For 400PHP each, I will show you the inclusions as we go.

From Homestay de Bai to the island, we arranged pickup service, still with U-Go. It was 300PHP for a tricycle supposedly, but the driver arrived with a sedan! He said there was no tricycle available so... When we stopped a bit because he bought bread for our fish feeding activity, we discussed if he was gonna charge us 1000PHP which is the price for the vehicle but whuuut, not our fault, right? Newsflash: we only paid the fee for the trike! Yasss again, not our fault that he brought a car to fetch us *shrugs*

It’s around 6AM then; the driver led us to the public entrance of Alona Beach:

This was where we should have entered on Day 0. Lels

Indeed, it was such an early start but of course, we gotta make most of our final day there! And well, starting later will be hotter. Duh. I’m not exactly fair-skinned so it’s not about my skin. I’m concerned about the prickly heat, yall! I love beaches but the hot temperature can be a nuisance when you’re out.


Again, there are LOTS of foreigners. See those Chinese tourists?? We were grouped with them along with another set of Filipinos who are from CDO too! Oh, hi ate Kams~ Hihi


This was just 7AM and I already wanted to jump into the waters with how hot it was. Dayuuum who was also the fool who didn’t wear a rash guard like what these two did!? Haha

I thought we were en route to Balicasag Island – the ride was sooo long we had some sleep – then I noticed numerous boats, including ours, were sailing towards similar directions, like chasing something. Turns out, it was time for:

 Dolphin Watching

The captain and his assistant didn’t even tell us anything. Lels we had to figure it out ourselves. Okay, we were able to sight the dolphins TWICE! What is love~ The first one wasn’t close, so that didn’t satisfy us. The captain then went around again to *chase* the dolphins. It took a while and we almost gave up... but them cuties decided to do a reappearance! They didn’t jump high though. I apologize because these was the best I could do:

Do you see them?? Lels I was also the genius to not set my camera to Burst but let's move on. My mind does have the memory~

Afterwards, off we went to…

 Balicasag Island

From the dolphins, it was still pretty much a distance to the island. I swear, Bohol surprised me with its size. There was just MUCH waiting! And I don’t like waiting. Who does?? Challenge me.



I know comparison is the thief of joy – chos – but I srsly thought Balicasag would be like Mantigue Island of Camiguin, where you’ll see massive free space as you get off your boat. That’s the real thing: the shore is full of boats. I understand though; tourists flock here for the island hopping anyways… Okay, forget I said anything. Haha


We were waiting to go fish feeding here. The bangka we were gonna use was still being prepared by this time too. Before this, by the way, a local organizer made us rent those underwater shoes Teejay’s wearing, as you can see, and I can’t believe we obliged. Here comes the regrets~ It was 100PHP a pair and the guy said it was necessary if we were gonna snorkel because it was gonna be shallow and we could hurt our feet. BUT DUH GURL, YOU HAD A LIFE JACKET, YOU WERE GONNA FLOAT!!! I’m reprimanding myself too late, I know.

Leggo, Alex Michael!!! Hahaha

Screw Burst mode. See, I hate my hair up -_-;; And I had a weird expression, okay. That’s my “I’m-hyped-but-it’s-so-damn-hot” face. Hihi or that’s how I’ll justify that look. Anyhoo, we were grouped with the family from CDO. I don’t know how 7 of us (+1 for the captain / guide) fit into the bangka but we did. And reality, the activity wasn’t even that far from the shore itself. Look: that’s where we stopped to go into the waters, swim, snorkel and feed the fish!


That face cannot deny that struggle is real! I was supposed to bring my goggles but I didn’t. Typical me forgot. Sooo I had to make do of what they provided, of course. And after some photo ops, kuya guide then assisted me with the fish feeding itself. He was gonna take the snaps while I break the bread into pieces underwater. With the quality of the snorkeling gear, it was hard to open my eyes underwater (I normally don’t open my eyes when I swim, FYI). Still, I was able to witness this view:

It was just one… The others will then follow suit and yay, SCHOOL OF FISH!


Honestly, I was more amazed with this experience than the dolphin sighting. It was just fulfilling seeing the fish gather real quick as I release food for them. And thank you, kuya, for taking awesome photos! You have well-documented this and I owe you this compliment! I praise you~

And here’s my attempt to photograph him. I was like, “Kuya, you feed them and I’ll shoot.” As ifff

After being *fulfilled* with the fish feeding, it’s soak-the-sea time…


And that's how dark I became~ My *dark* skin was actually my complex, especially in high school, because people around me would ridicule me for it. I mean, fiiine, but you know, I love the beach and it's just inevitable to get burned I still do have my "gusto ko muputi" moments but not as much nowadays... Or well, after this trip, I had that enlightenment because my mom, for one, commented that I was srsly tanned. That's right after I got home so she's definitely not joking

 Virgin Island

Unfortunately, it was high tide when we came so no visible sandbar~ Nothing else so we just swam because we didn't really do that much when we were fish feeding. It wasn't sunny here, which I didn't fancy, because then our photos looked gloomy. I cannot change settings manually on the GoPro so default auto settings will have to do.

 Bohol Bee Farm
Entrance Fee: FREE

This was our last stop for this trip. We had second thoughts going here but I wanted to drop by since it's my first time EVER in Bohol. I must accomplish my tourist checklist! From Alona Beach area, we rented out a tricycle for 200PHP. The Bee Farm is quite a distance and then far from the highway, thus the price. I haggled but it's apparently standard rate.

It was simple there; it's like we really just came to eat their ice cream. Hihi ate Kams said there were changes from when she first visited so there's that. If you've gone, see if it has indeed changed!


And now, the main event: ICE CREAM!!! I scream for ICE CREAM!!!

I know it's being sold elsewhere such as in malls but I just feel it's more authentic (charot) to indulge it in the farm itself. Ipaglaban mo yan, ateng I had melon just because. Teejay got buko, I think. It costs 60PHP a scoop.


From our water activities under the sun, it was just welcoming to have this cold treat! I cannot attest if it was uniquely yummy but at that point, anything to quench the heat is delicious. Hahaha but I had no complaints so conclusion: Bohol Bee Farm's ice cream is yummy~ I can only suggest you try it because I cannot be responsible for you. Life is case-to-case basis! Oh, what am I saying


Teejay, ate Kams and I already had lunch at a carinderia in Alona so we didn't stay long and explore their resto. Actual scenario: ate ice cream, looked around, took photos. That's exactly me as a traveler: eat, sight-see and photograph. I srsly cannot handle not documenting because it's my way of remembering moments in the life. I'm forgetful, okayyy. Hihi

This ends my Bohol series! Bohol is my first major trip for 2018 so it's special. I hope to get the groove back and continue to fly to other destinations~


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