✨ Event Diary — Endless Summer 2018 at Apple Tree - Zumbathon and Foam Pool Party

I know it's already June - aka rainy season, ugh - but that doesn't mean summer has ended! Summer is a state of mind~ I feel like there's a song with such lyrics but whatevs I don't like rain, so for me, it's definitely summer ALWAYS. Can I just have both the sun and some cold please?? #wishfulthinking

Well, for summer 2018, my last hurrah is being invited to Apple Tree Resort & Hotel's Endless Summer Beach Festival It ran from May 25 - 27, and I only got to go on the 26th, Saturday. It was in the afternoon and I got to catch the Zumbathon!

The Zumbathon is yup, a Zumba Dance Marathon that lasted for 3 to 4 hours and led by certified Zumba Instructors. I was looking forward to this much because dancing is my therapy too. Hihi aside from the enjoyment though, this was an endurance thing to see who will survive until the end, plus do it gracefully at that! These mommas were badass, I tell you~


And NEWSFLASH, I'm not gonna miss the fun! Thank you to my photographer friend, JV, for these paparazzi shots. Charot


I just knew Momoland's BBOOM BBOOM would be played! And I danced my heart out~ I was actually late about the craze (per usual - anything trendy is NOT my thing) but I grew on it and even learned a bit of the dance

This was almost 6PM and everyone was still groovin'! I didn't dance the whole set but I was huffing and puffing a lot during, so I'm really just not fit, am I? Haha but here they were, they survived. And winners were chosen and given special prizes

With the sunset this shiny and lovely, we naturally gravitated to the beach side~ Several skim boarders showed us some of their tricks as well. Thankfully, because I didn't get to witness Shore Breaks 4, said to be the biggest skim boarding event in Northern Mindanao.

This day was also THE day that JALP finally reunited!!! I miss my ses + these bullies!!


I kinda had a stressful week beforehand and this was such a welcome distraction. It made me think less about stuff... Blah blah. Too bad also that Angel wasn't able to stay overnight with us. Boohoo~ It would've been nice to share the experience; this was my first ever foam party!

The changing lights srsly made it all so dreamy Couple it with the DJs (DJ Catty Muto, The Rainman, Lady J, Kitty G and Don Cash) rocking out their sets... PARTY!!! I regret not inviting my work buddies though~ It would've been super duper fun to swim and splash with them in the pool. Now why didn't that idea come to mind earlier?? I'm sorry, friends. Huhu next year, maybe!?



Past 3AM and everyone was still alive and partying. But well, who was getting older? I decided to retreat at around 1 because I was getting sleepy. What a tita already, I know Enough about that. I gotta thank Apple Tree for having me over! With this experience, I totally wanna bring my friends next time.

See yall summer next year!!!


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