✈ Bohol 2018 — Girls Around Flowers at Jardin Necitas

I did a social media detox maybe start of May? Things just got quite *toxic* for me as it has become my habit to turn on my mobile data and check on my feed (even if it's just #FreeData lels) right after I wake up. Srsly. I know there's no need to deactivate, like should I just NOT log in!? Well, that ain't easy, yall. There was so much self-control involved especially that my thumb is just used to clicking the browser and proceeding to Facebook. Whew.

I know I couldn't do it for long though. It's not that all my life is on Facebook, but stuff related to my blogging and photography is just there. We communicate there. Sure, I was still on Messenger then, but I couldn't access posts and pages... So yeah. I had to be back. I relished my withholding-myself-from-social-media mini phase though~ MINI. I can only have enough willpower

Now, what is up with that intro? I was only supposed to tell you that because of social media, I got to discover this place (Shoutout to Anna Mari! I forever miss youuuu) I'm implying that social media does have its advantages!

Then again, I still highly suggest even a short detachment from being online. It's refreshing. And you get to focus more on your daily work and relationships. But a habit is hard to break, indeed. I'm struggling but trying.

Sooo on to the real topic! To complete the countryside tour we had in Bohol, here's our last stop:

Entrance Fee: 30PHP

Coming from the Chocolate Hills, it's quite a distance. That's why I told you in my previous post that we had to add 1,000PHP to our package. Payment was justified anyway, since we were comfy riding the well air-conditioned Innova the rent-a-car service provided.

I know, 40 minutes to an hour isn't THAT long / far but do yall really believe Google Maps 100%?  You got traffic and whatnot, okay? And contrary to my expectation, Bohol is MASSIVE.

You pay the entrance fee and lead yourselves down this path. This was almost 4PM... The sun glare was strong and directly on us as we took pictures. Still, carry on. We came for that very purpose, anyways?

FYI, these flowers in Jardin Necitas are made of plastic and they're apparently lit when night comes. That's why it's also called Bohol's Glowing Garden. I know it may seem futile that we went there in the afternoon when they weren't glowing, but we didn't want to leave / still be on the road late. And to be honest, I like it better this way since you can really see the different colors of the flowers~

And what have you, the sun retreated for a bit!

This feels like I'm in a European country village; I'm delighted that my ensemble suits the place too And then here's that random thought: When will I reach Europe...?


There are varying shades of pink and yellow, which are 2 of my fave colors! There's blue too, which is another fave. Okayyy, they are my top 3. Hihi yellow is Teejay's signature color, so just imagine us going crazy. Snap, snap, snap! I'm srsly glad to have someone with the same interest with me because she understands my thirst for good photos. We just took turns photographing the other and that's just awwww, she gets me

They put multiple benches by the path so the floral goodness becomes your background. I think we did 2 or more rounds because we weren't satisfied yet!

It would be nice to go with your partner here too~ It's romantic just talking, spending time with each other while soaking in the view of nature. *sigh* Another random thought: When...? Who...? If you think you know, THINK AGAIN. I'll keep him my dirty little secret~ 

How pleasant would it be though if they were REAL flowers!?

OH, HERE'S THE REAL FLOWER. That escalated quickly

This is one of my fave portraits of myself (especially if I just don't think much about my slouching...) I wore my hair down because I srsly don't like my siopao face that's more emphasized when I put my hair up. People say otherwise; my father, for one, says he likes me with a bun but I beg to disagree~ Maybe yall say that because you're used to me with buhaghag hair #selfproclaimed

You know, if I wasn't into Korean stuff, I'd totally be aiming for Europe. From their culture to their food... All those places you can explore there... All right, I'm sorry this is in Bohol but my mind's somewhere else. Hahaha

Here's the total view of the garden. I wonder how it looks directly up top though? So that's why folks buy drones~


Why do I look so extra!? This part right here is the reason for the title of this post. And duh, Boys Over Flowers. Did I have to explain? Hahaha I may be writing this all under the influence of hunger? And lack of sleep, I'm sure.

Well, was it worth it to go far to Pilar for these flowers? It sure was! For us, anyways. Hihi we left with lots of pictures and memories, after all. Ayeeeh that turned sappy real quick

I end this with a shoutout of appreciation to Kuya Joydy of Bohol EandZ Transport! He was srsly a fun driver / tour guide, especially as he shared his personal stories like iyang lablayp ug mga diskarte sa layp! Hahaha long rides do make people sentimental.

Again, you can transact with Bohol EandZ Transport through contact number 09162855241.

After the countryside, it's time to go (back) to the beach! My island hopping diary will follow~


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