✈ Bohol 2018 — Day 0 feat Homestay de Bai + Alona Beach

Oh, hey you! I’m finally writing about a planned trip (as I hinted in my previous post) and it’s somewhere new to me! It’s Bohol with my college besties!

Little story time: we actually booked the plane to Tagbilaran in one of our random meetups. It was at SM at their food court; I remember it so well because they made me pay for the tickets first =_=;; We didn’t even care if we didn’t have a flight back. There are ferries back to the hometown, anyway.

This was a year before, so even when our fly date was nearing, I couldn’t really feel it happening. Even Teejay had the same sentiments! We flew on a Friday, and Monday that week, we were just going, “Is this really happening??” Haha en route to Laguindingan airport, we could’t believe it still! Guess because it’s our first out-of-town, ride-a-plane trip together~

This is basically the face of someone who was able to fly again after sooo long! Airports and plane rides are just close to my heart as an escapist. Lels


We fly by 12:55 and I think we were there by 10AM? I knooow, excited much but I’m early when it comes to these things. Cue in that story where friends and I almost missed our flight going home from Cebu... NEVER AGAIN, duh.


The plane was small, with just 2 seats per side and Teejay was my seatmate. One thing: someone smoked before they got on and the smell was just overbearing!!! I couldn’t help but complain loudly - passive-aggressively though. Good thing the flight was just around 30 minutes!?

Look at that beaut! Kyaaa
And I love me like-minded and supportive friend, Teejay and I waited for everyone to disembark so we can *aura* inside. Hahaha I didn’t care even if the pilot was watching / waiting for us to go~

And whoa, that was quick - hello Tagbilaran City!


Due to recommendations, the 3 of us were off to stay at Homestay de Bai. We rode a tricycle from the airport, which cost us 200 PHP in total. We didn’t know it would be far + we didn’t ask / haggle for the price beforehand. So chill. *shrugs*

For all the times we rode the tricycle, I was always behind the driver. It’s fun for me because in general, I’m the if-I-can-do-it-then-I-shall traveler but it gets hard when tired + sleepy, especially from the swimming. We were a trio too, so anyways, I didn’t have a choice. Haha

Now, Homestay de Bai is actually just like a cozy compound. Home-style. In our room, we had single beds each and we had our own bathroom. There’s air-conditioning, cable TV... Ooh, and we had free breakfast everyday for 2 days. All that for 3,100 PHP (1K+ per pax) – sweet deal!


After changing and settling some essentials, we were off to a dilemma. As I mentioned, we didn’t have tickets for home; we hustled to Bohol like that. So, our first agenda was buying them at the Lite Ferries station. This was around 2-3PM already and what have you, there was such a huge crowd in their office, they weren’t gonna cater us anymore. This got us in default panic because, I, for one, need to get to CDO for work on Monday. Then again, we were able to overcome this. Of course. *winks*

Since that was that, we took off for Panglao to get some beach therapy for Day 0~ I may have really hustled for this trip since I didn’t do much research... I mean, I don’t care. I can ask locals. Or Google quick. Though I think I should never be this way again because to be honest, my companions (not just this bunch, I’m referring to people I go on trips with) depend on me regarding directions and all that. And that gives me immense pride too, so might as well do my part? Hihi

From the Lite Ferries ticketing station, it’s another tricycle ride to Dao Integrated Terminal. I don’t know if they have fixed rates or that because we were going to a specific location, the driver collected 15PHP each from us.

It came to a surprise to me that Bohol / Tagbilaran was pretty uncivilized... I’ve had this same feeling for Iloilo. I always have this expectation that these tourist destinations are busy and ready to cater to tourists but dayuuum, not really. At Dao, we had to go in circles to find the transpo to Panglao. It is also just best to ask. Ask away.


So while waiting for other passengers, I had to go and “interview” the konduktor about how much the fare is (25PHP), how long it would take to get to the island (40 minutes at most), etc. I like being in a new place. I get thick-skinned. Lels

This is where the *miracle* happened: we arrived at the Alona Beach strip – blindly; we didn’t know where the public entrance was but we saw an Alona Beach sign and hurriedly got off. But before we were to walk towards the beach area (still unknown to us), I caught sight of a travel and tours stall and they had the Lite Ferries logo all over their posters. Naturally, I asked if they sold tickets. They said they didn’t but the lady suggested another shop that does and blah blah blah, we’re officially saved! And we got to book our island hopping stint for Sunday. Yasss

It’s past 5PM, and there was nothing more to do but get to the beach already!!! It was an afternoon of twists; after walking a long trail to the beach front, there was no free and public entrance to greet us. These girls stumbled upon Alona Tropical Beach Resort with a 300PHP entrance. It was consumable and it had been a long day / afternoon, so we obliged.

Guuurl, thanks for this shot! Faaave!  All I do need is the beach and my camera Also, thank God there were still some natural light for photos, though not for long. Plus I was a genius to bring 2 cameras for this trip (one a GoPro). You can never take too many pictures after all, says me. (Ssshh, they’re a pain to sort and edit #realtalk)


To Teejay and ate Kams, we have FINALLY gone somewhere far and away! 'Tis after 5 years from college but oh, well! There's always a first time and here's to hoping for the next soon~ But CebuPac is so stingy with their flights lately

Panglao is full of foreigners; we saw a lot of Europeans and nearby, there were Koreans having a party. All I know is I'm jealous of their bodies and how they don't even care about other people. TDGAF!!! We all should learn. Lels



No regrets for this resort! We ate at their restaurant and their food had great servings~ After all the commuting, walking, swimming, we’re glad we didn’t have to look around for dinner. Food photos are nonexistent because we were famished, okay!?

And when it was time to return to mainland for the night, it was 8PM but there were no jeepneys anymore! Still early though, right?? Anyhoo, yall take note! To get home, our option was the almighty tricycle again, and we paid 350PHP. Next time, I shall stay and frolic in just Panglao~

Yup, that's how it all went for us! The following day had us exploring the countryside aka the trademarks of Bohol. They'll be up after this


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