🔮 Life Lately — Vol. 3: Spontaneity, Demotivation and Appreciation

Why is it already April!? Why is life such a breeze...

I can't tell you enough how unmotivated / uncreative I feel lately. I really don't know and I can't explain. Maybe it's just one of those lackadaisical days? Then again, when I check my planner + photos, I see that I was actually quite busy the past month. March had me going places that were far from planned. I love the spontaneity, don't think otherwise, but I srsly do wanna leave for somewhere I did prepare for and that I anticipate so much. There's one trip soon though, so yayyy! But travel-wise, I just don't feel satisfied right now. Honest to goodness. Then again, this situation has me saving up. Still a win for you, Pearl~

Let me just walk you through note-worthy events in the life lately...

Celebrated Marilito and Jeddai's birthday

Two significant people came to the world (and into my life, hihi) on March 10! How could you have the same natal day?? I mean, that's so fascinating. Haha
You didn't know I took this, huh? Happy birthday! 
For Jeddai's birthday bash - thankfully it was the weekend - dzais went to Talisayan and did some bitchin' beachin'!

This marks my first beach trip for 2018 and yasss, I've been slacking!? Or okay, I'm being too hard on myself *shrugs* It's just... See the line where the sky meets the sea? It calls me~


We then proceeded to Medina for the Alibuag Cold Spring. I then realized I've been there before. Lels if you want a cold and refreshing swim to beat the summer heat, it's a must-visit!

Returned to Alomah's Place for TESDA Assessment

Can I offer all the apologies because I haven't done a full post on Alomah's Place yet? It's srsly a gem worth sharing and all I ever do is tease people with my pictures... I will get to that blog feature, I swear~

So yeah, another affair with the dzais is going back to Alomah's for our assessment. It was nerve-wracking being up so early on a Sunday, cruising to Dahilayan and being assessed. Then again, we may have prepared toooo much. Haha better than not, right? Anyhoo, mission accomplished! Congrats to us!

There were SHS kids with us and thank you to the chosen few who took these group photos! I should really bring my tripod next time because these are the instances I can't deal being the photographer

Don't you just wanna go there and snap a million shots!? Not only the visuals, but you'll love the cool winds that I don't get to feel in the city. Whew, fresh air, come to meee

Attended Fast Cat's Launch

And my first CDO Bloggers event this year, tada, it's for Fast Cat!

Tada, here's how it looks like on board the ferry from Opol to Balbagon / Camiguin! 📷🛳️👌 Fast Cat can accomodate 275...
Posted by Happy Heights by Pearly Jane on Thursday, March 22, 2018

I posted this on my page and it unexpectedly got *viral*. There's definitely a first time for crazy notifs. Hihi I'm thankful! But folks keep asking me about the rates, which I already posted; some even asked me to book for them! I should've put a disclaimer that I'm not an employee of Fast Cat? Haha

As bloggers, we attended their opening ceremony then were given a tour of their vessel for Opol - Balbagon (Camiguin) - Jagna (Bohol). It's really superb and it's nearby CDO, so isn't Fast Cat convenient? I'm looking forward boarding and traveling with them soon! That's the time I'll do a thorough review~ *winks*

Went to Kaamulan Festival 2018


Street festivals have stopped being my thing but here was a free weekend to hang out and chill so why not?

These yellow trees are eye candies! Anyone knows what they're called? I see them around Bukidnon and I want to grow them in my own backyard. Wishful thinking~


The highlight though: the fireworks display! It was the best I've seen so far, especially the ending. Just OUTSTANDING. I don't have proof but yall, if you were there, WOW. Craning our necks for long was well worth it.

Bonded with family

And that Sunday after going to Kaamulan Festival, I got back together with family to spend it at Golden Dream Resort in Jasaan.

📍GOLDEN DREAM RESORT | Golden Dream Resort Jasaan

Where I spent my Sunday with family~ If yall have any plans esp for...
Posted by Happy Heights by Pearly Jane on Monday, March 26, 2018

And such streak continued onto the Holy Week where we all went home to Don Carlos, Bukidnon. Thank God for less time on the road though, since we were traveling by car. I don't think I can handle commuting there again as it takes like 5 hours? Ironic since I'd go there in a heartbeat when I was younger...

One afternoon, we visited Lake Pinamaloy! Oh, how I remember past summers where I spent time here and learned to bike. It's really near our house there so cousins and I frequented it. We didn't go around the lake this time, which I wanted to do. The opposite side is much more peaceful and I need. some. peace.


This family trip was greater because of my niece (Chloe) and nephew (Akiru). They are soooo cute, no bias! *gigil ensues*


On Easter Sunday, our destination was the RR Family Spring Resort. It was my first time there and in fairness, it's huge and the resort has a lot of swimming pools. See:


I particularly love the 5.5 feet pool. Why? Because I finally know I can swim! HAHA but I can't do it for long with reasons: my breathing technique sucks + I'm an anxious human being who thinks she's gonna drown. Nevertheless, yay~ I stand 5'3"-5'4" so that pool would be best to practice. I need to practice!


Whew, what a month!?

#Fulfillment2018 is yet to unfold for me... Just like my fave Camie Juan said in her post, "...the only way to get out of this weird funk is to acknowledge there's a problem (which I am now), and just actively being self-aware that I need to get up and do something with my life. I don't think there's a life hack or a magical shortcut to get around this. I just need to get up and do something, anything, even if inspiration doesn't strike me. If I wait for inspiration to strike, then I'll never get anywhere in life. I need to get off my ass and just inspire myself to keep going."

I don't wanna seem ungrateful. I'm not complaining. I have so many blessings: people (these in here + more), things, work, travel, etc. and I appreciate each and every one. My mind just really wanders and here's to controlling it to positivity. Let's be positive! *consoles self*


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