✈ MisOr 2018 — Seven Seas Waterpark and Resort

Can I just declare it's summer already!? Hahaha

I've been suffering nights now with how hot the weather is; it's become uncomfortable sleeping in my own room! Well, who's to fault? Lels (I don't use a fan because I get paranoid that I'll start a fire...)

Guess it's timely that I post about my weekend escapade at this new hotspot in town: Seven Seas!

Okay, to be fair, this was in February, so I had an early summer~ I didn't expect to go here anytime soon actually because let's be real, a visit will cost you 1K+. I'm stingy, sarreh. Haha but ola, Seven Seas did impress me! Find out why?

 Location: Opol, Misamis Oriental
 Fee: 799 (Adults - Mondays to Thursdays); 999 (Adults - Fridays to Sundays / Holidays)
 Operating Hours: 9 AM - 5 PM

The place can be accessed via the diversion road by Opol and we all live near there so... But getting there, if you're commuting, I suggest you drop by Rose Pharmacy in Bulua (fronting Jollibee) and hire a habal-habal. It won't cost much; just do this since the waterpark's entrance from the diversion is quite a distance too. Otherwise, you can grab a taxi for more convenience.

When we arrived, it was brimming with people - mostly families. And here we thought folks wouldn't go because of the prices. Haha it was drizzling that Saturday too, which was such a bummer, but that just means (less to) no sunburn??

You just line up to buy your tickets. They have more than one booth so you can chill. Hihi I think those who came in groups had reservations because they were also accommodated first. Check out the other rates below, like for the kiddos:

After paying, staff will give you these paper wristbands to wear and then you just line up for entrance. They also hand you individual receipts with bar code, which they scan as you go inside.

You're NOT allowed to bring food from outside, note that. But if you did, they'll keep it for you and you can retrieve them when you leave. Don't worry because food inside is pretty much affordable + yummy~



But first, we got ourselves a locker to secure our belongings. It's by the left side when you enter so fosho, you won't miss it. There's another one by the poolside though so if you prefer that then go~ Comfort and shower rooms are also by the locker rooms.

 Locker Fee: 50 PHP


We were able to fit 2 - 3 bags but it's because they weren't so bulky. It's just a classic locker like in school so if you have more / bigger bags, then rent more. Hihi you'll need to present a valid ID, by the way.


Those umbrella-clad seats are FREE! Choose wherever you like; of course, we went for somewhere nearer the main pool~


Was it just me, but I felt that kind of rush seeing all the slides. I had to conquer my fear and ride them, duh, because I paid for a hefty price! Hahaha I'm not a total scaredy-cat but dayuuum, my nerves were all over the place. But thank God for brave friends!? They make things exciting for the hesitant me. But first, photo ops to calm them nerves!


After we got settled, it was then time to slide! Oh God, if only I can explain the jitters!

There's preliminary struggle though: you have to climb up these floors yourself. There's no elevator or anything, just stairs. Huhuhaha exercise~ You'll have to leave your slippers and staff will also ask you for your weight and note that down on your paper wristband.

Up the Jolly Roger Tower are 3 slides: the Escape Tunnel, PiraChute and Riptide Reef. We conquered the Escape Tunnel first!


Short but thrilling ride, I tell youuu. This is my fave because it's a slide for 2 people (I was paired with fearless Mich) and it was just crazy~ I screamed my lungs out! I mean, I did for all rides. Hahaha but this was THE bomb. Or maybe since it was the first?


The floor below are the remaining slides. You're gonna ride solo, so these were scarier to me. Haha I know I'm gonna end up in 3-ft water but I. am. really. just. an. anxious. person. There were 4 of us by this time and I was always the last one to go. Okay, I'm actually a total scaredy-cat!


They did more rounds while I only went back up to take photos~ With such a wide area, Seven Seas can really accommodate a lot of guests. Plus not everyone will go on the rides, so you can slide how many times you want. I think we only encountered a long line at the Escape Tunnel.

And then it's snack time!


My stomach was kinda acting up so I didn't go to the pizza place and order with them~ Huhu anyways, this costs around 300+ and it's delicious! First of its kind that I tried: it's with cheese, chicken and carrots. Yum I'm also just glad they didn't choose Hawaiian. Haha

There are 3 "branches" of their food place and this was nearer to our cottage:


I know the no-outside-food is an issue, but I find the food inside to be affordable naman, though you're gonna be limited to fast food types: chicken and rice meals, burgers, fries and spaghetti. The burger with fries and coke set is just for 99 PHP. I think everyone ordered the 1-pc chicken with rice and coke set that costs 109 PHP.


Good deal, yeah? After lunch, we proceeded to explore around some more, snap some pictures...

And then off to the Maui River~ If you wanna chill after the thrilling rides + food, then this is perfect. Belle and I found this an opportune time to chika. Hihi we did more than 2 rounds because, duhhh

Can you just allow me some of these *shameless* shots though?? Hahaha I'm so fat and I don't have curves ㅠㅠㅠㅠ


Unfortunately, I wasn't able to capture the other slides but the Cyclone (the green funnel thing) was enjoyable! I like rides where I have other people with me. Hahaha it lessens my fear, though it was the only ride where I closed my eyes. Not the whole time, okayyy

Also, you'll need to bring this floater up for 4-5 floors? It's slippery too so you really have to be careful and watch your steps.

Their Wave Pool starts at different times; you'll hear a siren and that's it. Run your way to the pool! Haha it becomes jam-packed, it's just hilarious. I'd show you but I wasn't able to borrow a GoPro~ Huhu it would've been fun to document it on video.

All in all, I was able to get on 6 of the attractions (twice on the Cyclone) so I feel naman the visit was worth it. I cannot fathom getting on the Plank Drop so even if I'm coming back, nuh-uh. Hahaha I wholeheartedly admit I'm a scaredy-cat already


So far, yall are my bravest friends~ I have been inviting people to come over because I'm still willing to go back (CHAR) but I haven't been successful. I salute your spirits, dear gals! And have I mentioned I had so much fun with you?? I guess my smile says it all


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