✨ Event Diary — XU Goes KPop 2

A free weekend had me going to XU for their Festival Days! In case you don't know, I'm NOT from XU. Hahaha I wish though~ To be honest, it was definitely my first choice for college but I guess God has other plans *shrugs* I'm just really into their thriving community - I think I would've been more open and active (with blogging) if I hailed from there. That's what I imagine

So last Saturday, December 2nd, I started the festival days with XU Goes Kpop


Ice Pure and I planned to go together since Eli's like the biggest fan friend I have. Other friends joined us as well. Nice to meet yall~

When we got there, performers were still rehearsing and all. I'm glad there were seats though! I actually thought I was gonna be standing for the whole thing. Hahaha anyhoo, I really don't get to go to all KPop events in the city so if I can, I do go. Because I think it's one of the few times I can fangirl in public. Suuure, I fangirl on a daily basis but to be so open about it? That I don't do. I don't know why. Maybe I got used to being low-key. It was definitely different back then! People mocked you for liking Korean stuff but look at the state of the Philippines right now 


X-Unified opened the show and of course, HOW COULD THEY NOT DELIVER YOU GUYS!? They're srsly awesome~ I'm clueless about the song, though Ice Pure said it's a BTS one. Hihi

The hosts were Tchr Telai and Steven, same with the previously-held KCon. I can't think of anyone else to do the MC-ing; they're very good at hyping the crowd up.

Some of the contestants have become familiar faces to me. But it's ironic that the songs they performed were the ones I didn't recognize. KPop ate / tita is real! I even thought this one track was by 4Minute. It's actually by CLC Okay, no more chattering. Bringing in the photos now!


This group performed WEE WOO! I think that's the only "rookie" song I know and love. And I'm proud! I hope I get past my laziness and learn the dance???

And who do I root for everytime? Definitely, Pink Step. I belatedly knew that they performed EXID's DDD but they slayed as usual


I took a picture of the crowd and it was impressive~ I have no idea if they're all fans but they stayed and watched so yay!

There was a Name-the-KDrama-and-OST-title game but you had to run to the stage and answer. We were in the middle of the audience so that makes running, answering and winning nearly impossible. If I were crazier, maybe I would have pushed it. Hahaha


Just from the above shots, you'd know what group they're covering, right?? Hihi


These guys performed the same song as X-Unified but they didn't disappoint! Well done~ I think it's very hard to be disappointed with cover groups nowadays. They're all good!


I'm linking the full set so see if you and / or your friends are there!

I really wanna dance on stage again but since I couldn't / can'ttt, here I was behind the camera. Lels good job,...
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Gear used: Fujifilm XT10 with the 50-230mm lens


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