Here's to More Happy Brows in the City of Golden Friendship! 「 #EyebrowsCDO 」

How are yall lately? Your online besh has been surprisingly busy but well, I'm sneaking in some time to be here! Hmm, allow me to share my new look of sorts:

Hello bangsie! First time to try it out and I'm loving it~ Why did I hold back for so long??

Anyhoo, I kind of dig the look because it hides my hideous brows. Hahaha *hideous* is exaggerated but allow me. I'm really not a kikay girl but I'm slowly trying to be. And it's hard to do so! Even if I watch tons of YouTube tutorial videos, the application is the problem. I can't seem to give it enough time and patience too. That's me

So, I'm gonna leave it to the brow experts! Where else? At HAPPY BROWS!

Yasss they're coming to Cagayan de Oro and opening its second branch at Centrio Mall on November 17, 2017. THIS FRIDAY alreadyyy!

Warm smiles will greet you as you enter and in no time, Happy Brows’ friendly team of expert brow technicians will walk you through the path to your soon perfect brows. They offer professional consultation to determine the best and most ideal brow shape according to your unique facial features. After this enlightening step, brow shaping takes place skillfully and meticulously. Prepare to get cozy in a brow salon because Happy Brow’s interiors will definitely make you giddy inside.

It’s time to get in shape - your perfect eyebrow shape! This will probably be my fave exercise!?

Every time you get your brows professionally done, you also get free eyebrow make-up! I mean, if that's not a great deal, I don't know what is! You're gonna look all glamour even with just 1 session, righteu? Aside from excellent brow services, Happy Brows also offers lash perming, lash extensions and hair removal services for a total beauty treat.

If you still have trust issues, Happy Brows also has their Money-back Guarantee. But I doubt you'd want your money back

I'm honestly anticipating doing my first ever eyebrow threading. I'm scared but as they say, tiis-ganda! No pain, no gain! Maybe then I'll have to get rid of my bangs to show off my brows!?

Visit Happy Brows at the 2nd level of Centrio Mall and follow them on Facebook at /HappyBrowsPH for the latest updates and exciting promotions!


  1. You're slaying that tricky bangsy hairdo pearly :)


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