✨ Event Diary — Ola! Gringo: Chicken, Ribs and Friends Now Serving in CDO!

If you were to make me choose among chicken, pork or beef, I'd definitely answer chicken in a heartbeat. No kidding. And I'm thrilled to know and share another place that features chicken plus other delicioso Mexican dishes - Gringo: Chicken, Ribs, Friends!

The past Wednesday, October 11, 2017, was the official Opening Night spearheaded by Mr. Reagan Tan, President of McWilson Corp., and his wife. Media people and bloggers (local and from Metro Manila) also graced the event. The night started with the blessing followed by the ribbon cutting:


And then the party started!

My tablemates!
There were games and surprises prepared for the attendees and even though I wasn't one of the players, I still felt both the nervousness and excitement! Actually, I regret not joining. Hihi especially the Guess The Song game! Ugh I would've even played with David~


I got to interact with the Manila bloggers and they're so humble and approachable~ It was definitely a greater party because they were so fun to be around. I'm still so starstruck, excuse me

Thank you to my soul sistah for these snapshots! Pics or it didn't happen, as they say. Chos


There's EJ Nacion, Joj and Jai Agpangan (the twins from PBB) and Dani Barretto. Vern Enciso was also there!


Stylish couple, David Guison and Vina Guerrero, were present too. I wasn't able to have a pic with Vina


Not gonna forget our very own CDO Bloggers! Thrilled to meet you all and I hope we become close

Can I just sneak this though?

David, I'm a big fan! And this is like my fave photo now~ OMGGG *squeals*

Okay, now that my fangirling's done, let's get down to business and delve into Gringo's SIGNATURE FOOD and DRINKS! Yasss

Starter is their Nachos Grande with chicken, garlic sauce, tomatoes, cheese and other elements amounting to goodness! I'm a big fan of nachos and I've been wanting to taste Gringo's version. I still want more~

And ola, my fave chicken with 2 flavor selections: the Gringo Original Chicken and the Gringo Southern Spice Chicken!

The Southern Spice Chicken, notably, is a whole new taste for me. I srsly haven't tried such; it's got that tangy kick to it. Try it to know what I mean. Hihi you should! And they've got more for you and for me:

The Gringo Baby Back Ribs they've got are cooked soft and chewy and did I say, delish!? I wanted to order more Mexican rice! We got to taste the Crispy Catfish as well and other sides like Buttered Corn and Fried Saba.


If you fancy a drink, there's a lot in the menu. Above, we enjoyed some Grapefruit Mojito and the Jack Coke. That's Jack Daniels x Coke and I'm so thirsty for it now. Haha I think that's how far I could drink. Do you believe that?

The awesomeness doesn't even end there. Gringo gave out their special sauces~ There's the Lemon Herb sauce and the Spicy sauce. SAUCE MIO, indeed! So go and treat yourself, your family, your friends, your workmates, etc. to chicken, ribs and mooore The resto is located at the 2nd level of SM CDO Downtown Premier and it's the 1st branch outside Metro Manila. How special, right? Come over!


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