✈ Guimaras 2017 — The Trappist Monastery and The Pitstop Restaurant (feat Mango Pizza!)

We spent half-a-day in Guimaras and here's the 2nd half! There isn't much time because it was also the day we had to leave for home. This was a really budgeted-and-packed trip, yall.

Before anything else, our group stayed at Raymen Beach Resort by Alubihod Beach. We got the DAISY area with 3 fan rooms good for 4 persons each. Each room costs 900 PHP so multiply that with 3, we paid for 2,700 PHP in total. Again, there were 11 of us, so that's around 245 PHP / pax. Not bad, right? You can check other room rates here.

Here's the beach in the early morning:


It was unfortunate that Kuya Cherald couldn't accompany us that day because he already had another set of tourists-clients. Remember that we got delayed because of the travel time from Isla de Gigantes. But of course, he already assigned someone to fetch us, take us around and bring us to the port.


It was a very quiet visit to the monastery. No one else was around, even when we went inside the church / prayer areas.


We then went back to the entrance since the gift shop is by there. It's where we did our pasalubong shopping. There were lots of mango-based snacks from tarts, cookies, jam, bars to biscocho, among others. T-shirts, keychains and other keepsakes were available for purchase as well.


And because it was not the season for sweet mangoes, a great alternative was to taste the famous mango pizza! As a mango lover since birth, hahaha, I totally couldn't imagine having mango as an ingredient for pizza. It's just... weird. Hihi


The Pitstop is really just with humble space but locals and tourists flock here because they're the only place to serve the mango pizza and other food incorporated with mangoes. I think they have mango spaghetti? Again, it's weird


But here it is... *drumroll*

It's mango and cheese, topped with green bell peppers and nuts. This was yummy!!! I didn't expect it to be. Lels and it's not too sweet - just right.

This was 12 inches for 450+ PHP (price subject to changes). It was just a quick bite and then we were off to Iloilo and then home to CDO~

Travel dates: August 20 - 21, 2017
Tour package was via Mr. Cherald Padonejog with contact number: 09084748122.


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