📷 Photo Diary — The 10th Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk - Northern Mindanao Leg

It has been pretty eventful lately; aside from work, I've been doing things that really interest me and I'm thankful~

Okay, first up, I'm going to tell you about the previous Saturday's shenanigans: the 10th Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk!

At 6 - 8 AM on October 7, 2017, we gathered at the Provincial Capitol grounds. There were so many fellow photographers and there was Angel with me as well~ I knew some others too because of previous photowalks but most of them were fresh faces - mostly males. That was kinda intimidating since I'm still so new to this!


This is our photowalk leader, Mr. Clement Dampal, explaining the day's route and instructions. Thanks to him, there were a lot of sponsors from the Apple Tree Resort & Hotel, Gaisano, Centrio-Ayala to Modtrade and a whole lot more

Our itinerary was Capitol - Velez - Divisoria - Gaston Park - Cathedral - Cogon Market then to Centrio Mall for lunch. I'm shyyy but I'm still gonna share my shots since this is my blog!? Hahaha

Disclaimer: I'm still a novice photographer, don't be too harsh on me, okay?


I still used my Fujifilm X-A2 but with 50-230mm lens. So I'm able to zoom in a lot and low-key capture. I still can't believe I'm able to walk these streets though. Imagine Capitol to Cogon?? If this was daily life, there's no way I would. Haha


There weren't much people so early so it was pressuring me what I should take photos of. What took off the *stress* was talking with friendly photographers: discussing our cameras and experiences. Chos. Most of them use DSLRs while I'm mirrorless but I do wanna upgrade to another with a viewfinder! Huhu


I just focused on things that's interesting for me. To be honest, I don't see a lot of buzz here in my city but I guess I should learn to adjust and train my eye to see beyond my usual.



So far, my frequent and favorite subjects are kids. I love kids! They're cute and innocent and quirky. Squishy squishy~ Haha


I'm glad I decided on my 50-230mm lens because I think I produced better photos than the 16-50mm. But it's difficult to selfie / groufie with it, of course, so I don't have a lot of pictures with my companions. I grabbed this one below - thanks for the tag, sir Jay!

This was already at the Divine Mercy Shrine in El Salvador. This was our stop after lunch and before the Apple Tree Resort & Hotel, the venue of our scheduled photography talks.

Usual photowalks I experienced only finished for half the day but the event was 1 whole day filled with fun and learning!

From left to right: Mr. Gian James Maagad presented about Street Photography; Mr. Fra-and Quimpo for Underwater Photography and Mr. Marlon Lapuz tackled Bird Watching / Photography.

We were also able to do some portrait shots of the models from Cagayan de Oro Talent Center (CDOTC). That was so refreshing for me - to be able to see these expert photographers do their thang, you know? To see them so into their elements... Hihi I do speak newbie But I also think I did a good job!? Chos


The photowalk has a local theme of "Travel, Explore, and Experience", and there's currently a photo exhibit showcasing the participants' works. The Centrio Ayala schedule is done (October 12 to 14, 2017) but if you haven't caught that, it has moved to Gaisano City Mall, 4th Level. That's from October 15 to 22, 2017. Drop by and find my submissions! *winks*

Nice meeting yall! You're all so amazing, friendly and humble people. This photowalk's definitely unforgettable. Thank you, mga manenay!


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