✈ Guimaras 2017 — Windmills, Provincial Capitol and Guisi Lighthouse

Leaving Isla de Gigantes was srsly so bittersweet. You know how it took you a lot of time to get there and then you leave so fast??


Anyhoo, the boat schedule for Gigantes back to Carles port is only at 3 PM, and we didn't want that because we still had to travel back to Iloilo and cross over to Guimaras. It'd too late. Good thing there was an alternative: Gigantes to Estancia port at 8 AM. And it's actually better because Estancia is then closer to Iloilo.


As you can see again, transpo is really simple - nothing fancy. By the way, our fare was also included in the package of Gigantes Hideaway Resort but they separated the money so we'd pay it ourselves in the port. If I remember correctly, it was 80 PHP / pax.


Look, we even transferred outside of the boat because the machine was near our seats, so it was quite smokey? Lels I liked it though because of the view The sea was calm too.

After we arrived at Estancia port, we rode a tricycle (it can fit 4-6 pax) to the bus / van terminal for 15 PHP each. It's quite distant so it's hard to walk, it's too hot at almost noon and we were unfamiliar with the place, of course. Our budget for the ride back to Iloilo was 200 PHP but we found a van that accommodated us for 100 PHP!

We got to Iloilo around 1 PM, rode a jeep then another tricycle to Ortiz Wharf. You pay 14 PHP each, write your name and proceed to your boat for Guimaras~


Always be attentive, whether alone or with others. Like here: someone will just announce your boat name (without microphone) and you'll have to follow their instructions. Ours was actually a bit far from the port so we had to walk.

If you think the transpo in Gigantes is the simplest, the one for Guimaras begs to differ. Haha but it doesn't matter a lot since it's just gonna be for 15 minutes and then...

Hello to the land of my favorite fruit, Guimaras!!!

Kuya Cherald Padojenog was the guide we contacted; he's very popular in blogs~ He seemed fun when we talked on the phone too and indeed, he was in real life! His package was worth 3,000 PHP so for 11 pax, that's 273 PHP each. Plus he assisted us in our room reservation at Raymen Beach Resort.



Spot the difference? Haha it was srsly my first time to see windmills and they were so huge! There was also a gigantic one in our midst but it was facing the other way

This was our first stop from the port since it's the farthest in the itinerary and since we started our tour in the afternoon.


Of course, as tourists, this is a spot you have to drop by! Hahaha we didn't stay long though since it started raining.


Iloilo likes them lighthouses, huh? I'm glad it was only us when we went there because we basically had the place to ourselves.


Kuya Cherald was a very game photographer so we were able to have good group shots. Thanks, Kuya!


The tower was really old, it's amazing how it was still standing. Written above is in Bisaya and it says, "No climbing up because it's dangerous". But I saw a blog where a guy went up. Guess he didn't understand the words or maybe his tour guide allowed him? *shrugs*


There are sooo many corners you can choose to take pictures in. The couples did their lovey-dovey thang while us, we did our thang too. Lels


It was almost dark so we proceeded to our resort by Alubihod Beach to settle down and rest

Travel dates: August 20 - 21, 2017
Tour package was via Mr. Cherald Padonejog with contact number: 09084748122.


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