✈ Isla de Gigantes 2017 — Cabugao Gamay Island

So I got us all started on how to reach Isla de Gigantes and showed Antonia Island and Bantigue Sandbar as part of the island hopping tour (see HERE!) Now it's time to take you to the famous Cabugao Gamay Island! 

En route to the island from Bantigue Sandbar

Just approaching the place itself was *thrilling* for me~ Like, imagine, we braved the seas from Mindanao to Visayas just to get there... Haha chos but I've told you about the struggle beforehand: long transit + all the waiting time. WHEW. I got myself (and my friends) to Cabugao Gamay AT LONG LAST.

At this point, how do you get to see THE view?

You've got to get yourself up there, that's how! Don't worry though, it's not as hard as that of Antonia Island, thank God  There are wooden stairs already built. I was honestly concerned about this but really, yasss for the stairs!


There were still a few folks at the top so snap, snap, snap time!


After a while, our guide told us we can already go up. DIZ IS IT!!!

But I do have to be truthful - I aim to share the exact experience here - so, yeah. Prepare to wait a bit, especially since there are other tourists like you. For a few minutes, you're gonna have to hang out under the heat of the sun for your turn. It's not comfy but you've come a long way for the beautiful sight, I'm sure yall can take it!? Meanwhile, you've got other stunning views:


And slowly... But surely... You'll see it.

I have no doubt you can Google this shot but the view and experience in real life, of course you can't *winks*

That's me lowkey showing you there's indeed a line. It doesn't look like it's bright and hot too but it was, believe me~


There's this reminder There are men manning the spot as well, so it's organized and all. Just don't be rowdy, of course. Relax, you'll have much time (okay, 5 minutes ) to pose.


And here we are! Not-complete group photo because one of us didn't come up We're 10 people but we don't look that many or is it just me?? Yup, it's just me. Hahaha we made it, dzongs and dzais!

Achieved! But before and during all that, it's actually quite awkward - for me. See:


When you take your photos, a lot of people look at you. Medyo pressure. Hihi but fine, I lived. I'm really just an overthinker


Hahaha no complainin'. I was srsly happy yo huhu 

Oh, it's unfortunate, unfortunate news that we couldn't go to Tangke Lagoon It was the 2nd spot I badly wanted to go to / witness / document but it was low tide! We couldn't push it back to tomorrow because we were only gonna spend a day there in Gigantes *sighs* Guess I need to go back for it? I n t h e f a r f u t u r e

Well, Bakwitan Cave and Spanish Lighthouse up next!

Travel dates: August 18 - 20, 2017
Tour package was via Gigantes Hideaway Resort / Mr. Joel Decano with contact number: 09184685006.


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