✨ Event Diary — The 1st CDO KPop Convention

From POP KOREA last July, here's another local K event this year: the 1st CDO Kpop Convention!

I only get to hear about KCON in Manila + the KCONs mostly in the US... Finally, KPop CDO has one under its belt already~ It was held at the Limketkai Atrium. There was so much hype until D-day, September 24, 2017, and I'm glad to say the hype was real! Kudos! I got a General Admission ticket worth 99 PHP by winning About Cagayan de Oro's Facebook raffle:

I arrived around 9 AM with my sister and Ice Puuure~ It was already packed then, much more that the gates didn't open till 10 AM.


I didn't intend to go that early on a Sunday but I had no choice. Why? First order of business: Geek Wars Kpop Edition!


I've blogged about joining the Geek Wars in Centrio and I've always, always wished for an anything-Korean round. Newsflash: it didn't happen. Hahaha but yay, wish just got fulfilled!

And we won 2nd place! We lost 1st place over 1 point what even ashjdshfjh 


I didn't anticipate questions about Korea's history so that was such a shame. But I'm happy they included variety shows and KDrama OSTs! Yassss plus some Korean food. I really, REALLY like it (*cue in Winner's Really Really* hihi) - I WANT MOOORE!

We looked around the booths too. They weren't that many so the fans definitely swarmed over each. I heard there were some stealing though. Why would you do that!? I guess it's time to be more strict especially for the dishonest and unruly ones.

Hmm, before anything else...


Okay. Here are the different booths:


Blackpink CDO was quite "controversial" because some people actually thought Blackpink will come. Hahahaha OMG


Seventeen's color is srsly pretty~ I'd totally buy their merch if I'm a CARAT (and if the wallet permits, of course )


Twice CDO serving a lot of goodies for local Once~ Seeing the booths made me want to have a booth for my Winner babies next time. They deserve more love!

And I have no more words for the BTS booth *shrugs*

It was past noon when we finished Geek Wars so we went out, bought take-out lunch and settled in our GenAd seats for the program proper. I think it was the cosplay competition first, followed by the singing one then the dance cover and battle.


The energy of the crowd is definitely crazy, especially when it's a BTS or EXO cover group, among others. Craaazy, I tell ya.


I'm glad some covered old songs / groups like 2NE1, 4Minute, Kara, After School, etc. I'm almost a decade in this business (cheret) so I do appreciate others who still take these idols into account. Haha but again, I need yall to love Winner~

I'm only sharing a few photos here because you can check out the others on my page:

Last Sunday's #CDOKCON photos~ I didn't realize I took too many. Lels

✦ Booths
✦ Performers
✦ Hanzm
✦ Jinho Bae

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We couldn't stop crying-laughing though: I think there were more than 5 groups who covered Blackpink's As If It's Your Last. Blood, Sweat, Tears by BTS too. Honestly, it got boring; I haven't listened to AIIYL till now because of it. Hahaha still, I commend the dancers for doing a great job! I just hope next time performers dance to different songs for variety

I'm not familiar with the (Korean) guests but here is Hanzm:


We didn't stay to watch Encore, the mini concert, and I regret that a bit because apparently, Hanzm and Westin performed MOBB's Hit Me! Kyaaaa I love Winner and I love Mino and I love that song

There was Jinho Bae as well. I only caught him singing Goblin's OST, Beautiful~

Highlight perf: X-UNIFIED x HOTMALES - Seventeen's Don't Wanna Cry


I was srsly in awe of it. I specially praise the female dancers; why am I not as talented as you!? Just WOW, yall.

Well, I end this with congratulations to Cliqueplay Events along with their partners and sponsors for a wonderful event! Congrats to the performers who won and also those who didn't~ Your efforts still paid off since you gave everyone a good show

I'm anticipating the next K event in CDO. See you around!


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