✨ Event Diary — Colours Foto @ 30: Jam-Packed Day of Photography Talks

Last Saturday, September 16, 2017, was such a *busy* learning day for moi! As Colours Foto celebrates their 30th year, they gave free photography talks at the 3rd Floor Foyer of Centrio Mall, which I happily attended. I've been waiting for this especially because it's free  So as soon as I heard the news, I immediately signed up on Eventbrite~

There were 6 speakers-photographers from different camera brands: Nikon, Canon, Sony, Zerotech and (without bias ) Fujifilm.

The first one up was Mr. Chris Librojo and he tackled Nikon in Motion: DSLR Videography. I wasn't able to join from the start because it's a Saturday and there's no waking up early on the weekend But from when I arrived, he discussed about different camera shots (wide shot, close up, etc) and techniques (timelapse, hyperlapse) for your videos.


In fairness, there were a lot of people and these were my companions for the day!

This is my best friend, Jan, who just bought an X-A3! Sikreto kaau. Haha and seen below are Kathleen, my sister's BFF, and Angel, a new blogger friend


The next speaker was miss Jojie Alcantara and her talk is about Travelling with the Fujifilm X-A3. I was very interested in this, since I venture more into travel photography + it's Fujifilm! She shared her journey from living in Davao to conquering the world through her photos which were used in magazines and other publications. I was honestly in awe of her shots.


Kim Soohyun spotted! Miss Jojie then gave out free polaroid shots of us and let us pose with her:

Mga kinain ng sistema! Hahaha
Next up was Sino Pinas! It's an Instagram account / community that introduces the Philippines.

The 4 founders were present, namely (from left to right): Karl Ivan Presentacion, Alexis Lim, Raniel Hernandez and John Austria. Know more about them here. Their individual feeds are srsly #feedgoals, so how much more @sinopinas? Check them out on IG~


Presenting the Dobby Drone was Mr. Mac Eugenio. He's been flying drones for a lot of years now, from when they were so large and heavy to now that they are already compact and light. This made me wanna get a drone for myself but it's not a priority yet, so there's that. He did a live demo in the garden but we didn't budge from our seats because there were 2 more talks. Hihi


The most intense was Sir Niko Villegas of Fujifilm and his was about Beauty Photography. Intense because he brought in his studio gear and a model and produced stunning shots on site

Last but not the least was Mr. Aron Garcia of Canon. He took up Basic Photography Blogging but it was more on Facebook than a blogging platform. It was on being able to blog / document while attracting clients and earning.

Now, to sum up the day, here are 3 points I grasped:

 1. Change your perspective.
Don't take *normal* pictures. Shoot from different angles and points of view. Think and aim that your shots are gonna be featured / bought / published.

 2. Tell stories with your photos.
You can be a storyteller using words and you can also be a storyteller using photography. You could be sharing about your daily life, different places you've visited, culture you've experience and learned, happenings that you want to raise awareness on... The list goes on. Inspire and ignite (good) reaction from your audience. The photographers showed their personal projects / photo essays and it made me want to have my own too. Hihi I'll get there~

 3. Be a responsible blogger.
As you blog, you really have to be careful about the things you write about + even the pictures that you add to your narrative. The information you give out should be accurate and, more or less, updated. After all, that will measure your credibility as a person and a blogger. Bottomline, it should be a positive experience for everyone.

Congratulations, Colours, and thank you again for that day of learning and your freebies! Till next time!


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