✈ Isla de Gigantes 2017 — Bakwitan Cave and Old Spanish Lighthouse

After the thrill that Cabugao Gamay Island brought (and the disappointment that we couldn't go to Tangke Lagoon), we proceeded to start the land tour. It was not exactly in our itinerary / package but since there was still time, we could fit it. Our schedule was tight in order to include Guimaras in the trip.


Our next activity was the caving and to be honest, I wasn't really that excited about it. Haha again, I am so not athletic + we just came from swimming so we're not wearing *appropriate* clothes / gear. Our guide also told us that the route was hectic: climbing, crawling, jumping, etc. It was just meh for me. Like, I can totally enjoy without that, okay

Then again, I have no power over my friends and of course, I couldn't NOT tag along, so I did. Hahaha


OMG, we had to trek up to get to the cave entrance and that itself was tiring. But okay, it was actually a fascinating experience to go there~ I've gone caving in Siargao once but I just couldn't fathom doing it again. I may seem adventurous but I'm not THAT adventurous

Well, Bakwitan Cave is no ordinary cave, since during Typhoon Yoldana / Haiyan, it served as shelter for the locals. Bats lived there before too but because of a lot of people coming, they apparently left. Anyhoo, this is a huge cave. There were other tourists as well and though we were told to be quiet, it's kinda hard to achieve that with everyone inside. Hihi


It isn't clear but the area we're sitting on is beside a hole where we have to crawl our way to the next point. It was wider than I imagined but still, I can't do it Good thing we all didn't want to do it in the end. Hahaha


See how there's a wing-thing going on in the right photo? Pretty cool, right!? Several shadow / rock formations are around the cave, which your caving guide will likely show you. Goosebumps~


I looked like a freakin ahjumma off to wash clothes, I'm sarreh. I said I wasn't (OOTD) ready to go caving, did I?

After a 5-minute rest or so, it's time for the Lighthouse! You are to ride a habal-habal again to get there. It's pretty distant. On the way, you'll really see the simple life of the folks in Gigantes. You'll get to testify that Gigantes is the Scallops Capital because dayuuum, shells brim the land by their houses. The road is with one lane only - it's srsly not commercialized (yet). If you wish to escape, then choose Isla de Gigantes. It's far and did I mention there's no electricity (power is just from 3 PM to 11 PM) and no signal?

Before you reach it though, there's a pathway where you'll pass these kids selling little trinkets. With all of them singing, "Pabili ng sobiner (souvenir)", it's actually the best treat. We had a bad dose of LSS 


This was around 4 to 5 in the afternoon and it looked like it was about to rain, so we didn't really stay long.


Here's the verdict: if you only have a day like us, you can just skip the land tour and focus on island hopping. But if you have extra time or a rearranged itinerary (we couldn't go to Tangke Lagoon), these spots are pretty great alternatives. If we pushed through with the original plan, maybe we wouldn't have gone to the cave because it would've been dark already anyway. The Lighthouse's not bad though, especially because of the singing kids. Hahaha you have to see them in real life!

Travel dates: August 18 - 20, 2017
Tour package was via Gigantes Hideaway Resort / Mr. Joel Decano with contact number: 09184685006.


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