✨ Event Diary — POP KOREA CDO

The KPop scene in CDO is becoming crazier, srsly. I haven't been following these events a lot because I feel too old in a sea of mostly high school fangirls and fanboys, but I took a chance on this group called 헐ies since their advertising was so appealing. I think I was actually one of the first few who bought a ticket because I was that excited! It cost me 350 PHP (times 2 because sisterrr) and it entailed the entrance fee, food and some freebies. I also had a choice on some photo cards - I got Sehun for myself and Suho for Shiela

This was on July 29, 2017 - a Saturday - and held in Centrio Ayala Mall, Cinema 2! The scale of the venue is no joke, for me, so I was expecting a lot of things. More than anything, I was all too thrilled to be in my zone because to be honest, I never really spazz about Korean music to friends, people around... To be public about this interest is so liberating, you have no idea.

It was already packed when we got there at 10 AM, so it was quite hard to find us seats. We finally settled by the J row - it was too bad though that they weren't playing songs while we were all waiting. It would've been more enjoyable~ Then, without further ado, the show started with cover group dances. It started suddenly that I didn't even know if it was actually the start. Start-ception

I like this girl. She had smooth and clean moves. The music stopped during her performance too but she still continued and delivered well. I only remember she danced to Kriesha Chu's Trouble, which I began to like since my sister plays this a lot. Ha. It grew on me.

The concept is they do a "versus" thing between 2 groups and then collab on a dance. Such a good idea~ I approve! Hihi

Pink Step impressed me like always. Of course! I totally dig them since that first KPop event where I also was part of a dance group (the secret's finally out! Chos). They're pros, srsly. I look forward to their perfs because they're simply amazing, from choreo to outfits. They did miss A's Bad Girl Good Girl and justice was served.

I was literally shocked - and overjoyed - though that a few covered KARD and Rania! I mean, I expected a lot of BTS, EXO, NCT ones since the youngsters adore them, duh. Okay, I sounded so old! I'm 24 yall, I'm still young! *convinces self*


Why don't I remember names!? Anyways, this group won the cover dance contest and they danced to Astro! I only know the boyband's Cha Eunwoo through variety shows so I'm not really familiar with their songs. But this cover group definitely deserved their award because they're good! The members actually sing along to the track with the right lyrics, which is a plus for me~

There were raffles too through your ticket or seat number. I have no such luck, ugh, but I'm all right since prizes are not of my idols (read: Winner, iKON - Imma YG baby!). I hope other organizers get flexible next time though. Not everyone loves EXO and BTS~

Speaking of iKON, an all-girl group danced to Bling Bling! Bad-ass, I tell you. 칭찬해! (I praise you!)

Miyu, a Korean brand obviously, came and did an intro and demo of their products. They're apparently sponsoring the makeup / skincare products in the goodie bag that we get with the fee we paid. I'm yet to have my hands on them, so if 헐ies already contacts me, I'll get right back here and show you everything!


And here's a very blurry photo of Sam Kim! He's not exactly someone I know but his profile from afar totally screams Lee Seunghoon! He's a Korean model from Davao and I supposed he's big because the kids were squealing for him. Well, nice to see you, Sam!

Overall, it was okay. It was the first event for the organizers so there are a lot of things to fix and improve on. I hope there'll be major changes the next time~ For the very least, I was able to sing and dance my heart out! Thanks for that experience


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