🔮 Life Lately — Vol. 2: I'm on Thought Catalog!

At this point in my life, I've been srsly striving to get things done on my (mental) bucket list. Yes, at 24, I'm just *officially* starting. It isn't too late, right? And don't let other people tell you otherwise, okay!?

Like other things, I don't remember how I got into reading Thought Catalog articles but I definitely did it a lot. As in, when I connect to the Internet, it's one of the websites I stay on and browse for hours. Because feels. From feeling happy to feeling sad (more on sad, lels), I found refuge in knowing many people around the world understand my own emotions. That another person's writing resonates with me and my life.

And 2016 was my most sensitive year. I'm still as sensitive now and I've come to terms that I just really have a lot of feelings. I'm not a total introvert but I'm an INFP and that says a lot (TC definitely influenced me on identifying my Myers-Briggs type, ha). I only have a handful of people I can share my inner sentiments and the things I share aren't even everything. There's still a huge chunk that I can't tell yall because I also value my privacy. Lels

Honestly, it was such a big decision on my part to publish on Thought Catalog. I write based on personal experiences and my first piece is actually a unrequited love confession. I don't even have an inkling if he read it but anyhooo, writing about my feelings is totally refreshing. I mean, a percent of the burden is lifted (like 5%? - at least )

Above is, yeah, my first submission This wasn't supposed to be published at first but I tried again and voila! An email came notifying me that it's up. It's just surreal~ #feelingblessed

Here's the second one. I didn't have a lot of expectations but I'm glad they accepted me again! Is the mood of my posts too dismal? Lels I'm trying to be positive and I'm hopeful it's gonna show on my writing soon.

Even if I'm on such a popular public platform like this, I'm yet to get over my revealing-more-than-necessary phase. Haha I know, ironic. But being published (twice!) is such an achievement, I'm pumped up to write more and more until I can fill up my profile page. I just hope my works are able to help, comfort and inspire people out there too, just like what other TC authors did for me 


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