📍 Photo Diary — Korean Dessert Binge at Bingsoo Corner

When I knew that a bingsoo place was gonna open at SM CDO Downtown Premier, I instantly thought I had to check it out. It just recently opened at The Fifth (level), and last Saturday, my sister and I finally made time to taste the Korean dessert!

If you're unfamiliar, bingsoo is a Korean dessert / snack. It's shaved ice + fruits / chocolate + cornflakes + beans + condensed milk. It's basically a Korean version of halo-halo but with varying flavors. It's more experimental, if you ask me.

The first time we came to Bingsoo Corner though, it was packed so we had to roam around a bit to kill time. Their space is quite small so there are only a few tables and chairs but when we got back, we were easily and comfortably seated.

They have 10 bingsoo flavers, namely:
Coffee Crumble
Choco Cheese
Blueberry Mango
Mango Cheese
Peach Mango
Oreo Bingsoo
Chocolate Bingsoo
Matcha Bingsoo

They also serve cakes (carrot, choco moist and red velvet), shakes, toast, sandwiches and other beverages. Price range for bingsoo is 200+ PHP while the other stuff are 150 PHP and below. I recommend that you come here and share the food with your family and friends! Actually, if you're confident you can finish a whole bowl by yourself, then why not? *winks*


For starters, we went for Oreo Bingsoo. I honestly wanted to make a safe pick for my first try so that of course, I won't waste my money. Haha it was delish! But I almost thought my sister and I won't be able to eat everything since we really don't have big appetites.


My mouth is srsly watering right now looking at these photos...

I'm no sweet tooth, so chocolate is not an exception. Lels but this was yummy~

But we did! If you're a KDrama fan who has seen the Let's Eat series, you'd get this "empty plate" shot. Well, it just means that the food was too good to not finish. Agreed. I totally wanna go back there with my parents and / or my best friends, especially to try new flavors. Maybe the mango cheese?

How about you, have you visited Bingsoo Corner already? Which flavor should I taste next? Comment down below!


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