✈ Baguio 2017 — 24 Hours Itinerary

You'd think 1 day won't be enough to explore a place, but Baguio begs to differ! That's what I discovered during my trip with the family last March 2017. For more or less 24 hours, we were able to visit 12 - again, TWELVE! - tourist spots. So if you got a free day to spend (especially on the weekend for the hustlers) then I will show you what to do and where to go!

 Starting point: MANILA
 Fare: 455 PHP (REGULAR AIRCON) / 750 PHP (FIRST CLASS) (Victory Liner)
 Travel time: 7 - 8 HOURS

Whether you wake up in Baguio or arrive there in the early morning, here's a super fun and loaded itinerary. But first! To roam around freely and comfortably, do as we did. A taxi driver offered to take us around; we agreed and haggled the total cost to 2,500 PHP! There were 6 of us so basically, that's 417 / pax. WINNER.

Here's where he brought us then! Take notes~ 

Location: La Trinidad, Benguet

Our day started around 8 AM and our first stop was to see and pick the lovely strawberries!

Entrance Fee: NONE
Strawberry Picking: 350 PHP ONWARDS PER KILO


There are beautiful flowers around as well. Just pay a fee to get inside the area and take those pretty shots~

Read more: Strawberry Farm


Entrance Fee: NONE

Chinese or not, anyone is welcome to come here. Teehee. If you're interested in history, especially that of China's, then this will be an exciting visit. Do remember to stay quiet since this is a sacred temple where people pray and meditate.


Doesn't it seem like you're abroad?

Read more: Bell Church 

Location: Dominican Hill, Baguio

Entrance Fee: NONE

The image of the Lady of Lourdes is found here. Get ready to climb 200+ steps! At the top, light up candles for your prayer intentions.

There are vendors around so you can buy the candles from them. Some offer snacks and water too.


Again, there's a lot of steps so don't bring anything heavy!

Read more: Lourdes Grotto

Location: Dominican Hill, Baguio

Entrance Fee: NONE

Just uphill the Lourdes Grotto! Well, it's actually the Dominican Hill and Retreat House of 1915. It was originally a vacation house, then a seminary and a place of refuge during the World War II, etc. A lot of changes until it became known as the Diplomat Hotel.


It's apparently haunted It was creepy for sure, but it was more so because research said it was. See and feel for yourself!

Read more: Diplomat Hotel

Location: Loakan Road, Baguio

Entrance Fee: 60 PHP (Adults)

The entrance you're paying is for the Camp John Hay Historical Core. Inside, there's the Bell Ampitheater, the Bell House, the History Trail, the Cemetery of Negativism, among others.


Read more: Camp John Hay

Location: Leonard Wood Road, Baguio

Entrance Fee: NONE

If you wanna have a glimpse of the official residence of the Philippine president in Baguio, here it is. You can only set foot just a little bit behind the gate though.


When we were there, it was the PMA graduation and President Duterte was there! There were extra security measures so we were only able to stay and take pictures in front of the entrance.

Read more: The Mansion

Location: Leonard Wood Road, Baguio

Entrance Fee: NONE

This park is literally just across the Mansion. It's a fitting place to just chill and rest. You can also try out Igorot costumes here for 20 PHP / pax.


It's said that there's a long stairway leading down to an area with ponies. We didn't get to go there ourselves, so please proceed and enjoy!

Read more: Wright Park 

Location: Gibraltar Road, Baguio

Baguio is definitely crowded with tourists, but this place is the most crowded of them all. There are a lot of shops, both inside and outside, so you can still do your pasalubong shopping. If you haven't already~ *wink*


Just as I said, the crowd was crazy but more so here by the observation deck. Nevertheless, you've got the view to make up for that.

Read more: Mines View Park

Location: Leonard Wood Road, Baguio

Entrance Fee: NONE

Here's to more flowers~

Pretty much chill here; soaked ourselves more with nature.

Read more: Botanical Garden

Afterwards, you can visit Burnham Park, Session Road and Harrison Road. The latter houses the Night Market with ukay-ukay and street food. We shopped and scoured around for cheap finds until 11 PM! But remember to mind your belongings since there's a lot of people and not much space. Oh, and these places are near / walking distance from each other. Uh-huh

In summary:

Well, I hope you did take notes~ Again, all these spots for only 2,500 PHP! And Kuya was also a local and skilled driver, so we were able to avoid traffic and such. I don't remember your name, Kuya, but thank you!

Have a great time in Baguio and don't forget to drop a line or two below if this was of help!


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