📷 Photo Diary — Beach Craving Satisfied

My name apparently means "gem of the sea" (which explains my little bio in the blog) and rightfully so, because I super duper love the beach, I miss it most days I'm stuck in the city and in the office. Around here, I've featured 2 coastal locations - Camiguin and Surigao - legit proof I'm a beach b*tch. Haha never mind, again, that I don't even know how to swim. Teehee. I'm sure if I knew how I'd be jumping on cliffs and doing all those water sports. Imagine~

Anyhoo, God has heard my plea because I got to go on an unexpected trip somewhere I cannot disclose. Lels I think you'll figure it out if you've been there but yeah, I'm just glad! (Except the part that I totally don't have the budget for it but oh well...)

It was quite the sunny day - okay, it was real hot at 7 in the morning but there are times you just don't have a care. Sunburn, come at me.


This was srsly spontaneous, as in a "go there then go back home real quick" kind of happening. I enjoyed it nonetheless. If this is how influencers do their thang, then I'm happy I get to be in their shoes even once. Though I really have to work on my packing and OOTDs


On the way to the island!!! Weeeh!!! T h r i l l e d

I love burst shots! I'd vlog but I can't commit for now. Hihi

You don't know how much energy white sand + the clear blue sea give me. I'm instantly refreshed! So here I am missing it again now... #Sepanx is too real!


Here's to yall out there, maybe in school or at work, who wanna break away from everyday affairs and just unwind. I feel you. I feeeel you. And don't you worry. You'll get the chance, you'll get the opportunity. Soon. So sweet thing, be patient. Let's be patient


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