📷 Photo Diary — Manila Buzz

My Baguio trip has long past (read about it here, here and here), but when I chanced upon my photos in my computer last night, I found these I wanted to share. En route to the City of Pines, I took snaps from the bus. To be honest, when I get to be in another place away from home, I get intrigued at how other people are busy with their own lives too. I mean... it's just a big world out there and my thoughts and problems are just minuscule at most. Then again, that doesn't mean they aren't significant, yeah? Just that each of us is just one part of the entirety.

There I was, going on vacation with family, while folks were continuing with life - studying, working, living. It amazes me, I don't know why. Lels but I really do. And maybe that's why I travel? I travel to see how enormous and unfamiliar the world is, then learn from its ways and courses.

And Manila is just a different story altogether. I don't consider myself a provincial girl because I definitely am a city girl. Haha but compared to the capital city, everything is just more advanced, more fast-paced. I want to keep up.

Well, belated Happy Independence Day, Philippines! Carry on.


  1. These Photos have stories to tell!
    Nice one dear ;)



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