⭐️ Fangirl Diary — Kiana Valenciano for SM CDO Downtown Sound

I didn't plan it but I was always around during SM CDO Downtown's opening weekend. It was hard braving the crowd but oh well... I thought I was gonna break my streak on Sunday but it was Mother's Day - my parents wanted to see what's new and all. Plus, there's Kiana Valenciano!

I'm a recent follower of her music; I've read her blog before but only that. Came across her promoting her new song Does She Know via Twitter and gave it a listen on Spotify. No regrets! It is sooo my jam. So when I got the news that she was coming here, I was excited! I know a lot of people don't know much beyond her being Gary V's daughter but Kiana's totally a gem of a singer herself. Talent definitely runs in their genes *jealous as a frustrated singer*

We arrived at SM around 4PM? The show was to start at 5PM so the fam and I wandered and shopped around. I broke away from them for a bit to watch Kiana and take these photos. I was up on the 2nd floor so again, thanks to my zoom lens for saving my arse. Lels


I think she sang 4 songs - Circles, Weak and a cover of a song I don't know. (Sorry, I'm much more updated with Korean music~) I thought she wouldn't be singing Does She Know but it turned out to be her last song! Sweet.


It's srsly different when you listen to a real singer. You don't have to worry about them not hitting the right notes, you know? And they throw in all these ad-libs too. Such a pro *cue applause*

I filmed Does She Know for myself and yall:

Release more songs like this please!!!

Well, I'm psyched to see more artists soon *ehem JaDine ehem* Reese Lansangan is gonna be here this June! Expect me to feature her too~ I have never thought she'd come here so thanks, SM! ♡


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