📷 Photo Diary — LABOR-ed at Home

#LaBoracay is apparently a thing, but I haven't gotten into the bandwagon... yet. Maybe because I'm no party girl but now, I srsly wanna try be carefree and all. Anyways, I wanted my long weekend to be full of happenings but there I was, stuck at home, secretly envying people updating their SNS on their summer getaways ㅠㅠ Like my tita commented, it's a miracle I'm not out there - well, plans with friends didn't get to push through. Also, general money issues *sigh*

After using my weekends to binge-watch Korean variety shows and some dramas, my Monday was spent doing chores with parents and playing with our dogs. I personally hate laundry time but it's what we've got to do... And might as well, since staying in bed long actually gets tiring. Ironically.


Beyond accomplishing some chores, it was pleasant to see the dogs out and about. They're stuck inside almost everyday, all day and I know Krystal herself is super thirst to go out. That cutie beeeyotch. So wish granted, baby! You had one whole day to play just how you wanted it, right? I know I was still pretty controlling but in fairness, I let her go to areas I didn't want her to reach before. Or I was too tired to do some reprimands. And in fairness too, she and Milo then returned quickly when I called them. I guess because I already gave them what they wanted. Lels


Milo is our new dog aka Krystal's new playmate. They are so energetic, I can't keep up. I hope they match up so we'll have babies but Milo's still a pup. Even if he doesn't look like it. Lels but does age matter? Well, I'm waiting. These two spend a lot of time together; I think he's falling for Krystal already. Hahaha


I live in some rural part of the city so nature + fresh air is still of abundance for me. It's too far from the highway though, so I have to walk a lot (and sweat profusely at that) but I'd like to think of that as exercise. If I can't even have that, I am so gonna be fatter. Yesss, I'm fat, yall. Don't fight me. That's what folks tell me everytime they see me nowadays. How insensitive, srsly!? Okay... back to pictures.


That's my father right there. Hihi he's very much taking care of our humble garden~ We have different kinds of fruits - I remember in college, we had sweet citrus in the backyard. Instant snack! I miss it now. The plant / tree died because of flood.


Oh, sky. I really anticipate getting a flight around sunset so I can snap it in these pretty colors~ But so far, I've only been choosing either morning or evening flights. They're cheaper? Have to cut on absences for trips too, of course. It'll happen sooner or later so I'll just have to settle with the view down here.

Bottomline? No #LaBoracay this year. We'll see next year!


  1. Aww, you have a really lovely dogs. Plus a really nice photos! :D

    Lou | http://wander-soul.net/


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