💙 Inner Circle Diary — I'm REALLY REALLY a FOOL for WINNER

You can't take out the fangirl in me, to be honest.

And this rings sooo true nowadays because my ultimate bias group is back!!! WINNER IS BACK!!!

The songs are , of course. I'm not the only one who thinks that; Korea and the world are showing yall that WINNER definitely deserves their title~ Here are receipts!

Even my not-fave YG is posting about it. Yes, he did.

Well, I'm not even gonna start and delve into the long hiatuses and Nam Taehyun's departure because I'd rather just celebrate about what's now... No doubt that I miss Taehyun and his voice, but it's a situation beyond a fan's control. Then again, the members talked about this issue and what Leader-nim warmed my heart:

Now we’re four, so we have to accept that. I think in our fans’ hearts, it will forever be the five of us. I don’t want to erase the five-member WINNER, but please support us as four members as well.
- Kang Seungyoon, 2017

Aigoo ㅠㅠㅠㅠ So before things go sentimental (*wink*) in here, I'll introduce you to their new songs! Just 2 for now, but I know with the success in charting and everything, expect to see more of ze boys 


Finally a dance track from them! Their songs are pretty much laidback going to emotional, so I like this change and experiment. They haven't really been dancing and that's such a waste, especially for genius Seunghoon. Actually, all of them. Srsly, I cannot wait for their live perfs of this because I know it's gonna be so lit! It's still got that relaxed feel but it's such a jam that you'd wanna, yeah, dance to it  I'm expecting a grand stage~

I'm glad Jinwoo has lots of parts now - though that's with the expense of a member *ugly cries* But can I choose a favorite part? MINO's! Okay, okay. OF COURSE!!! Allow me to love him

Let’s choose our pet names
Honey or baby or darling

Is he srsly asking me this?? Anything, love!

This is gonna be one rollercoaster ride though. From upbeat, we go to slow RnB - basically, WINNER's element. And I'm just- there's too many feels for this one...


For me, the intro is to die for. Since the release of teasers, I've been really really (ehem) addicted~ Then Mino's SINGING VOICE comes in Rapping Mino is hot but him singing!? HOTTER!!! You sure who my bias, right? Hahaha I'm so hooked

Excuse me though, this is a sad, breakup song, which members also attribute to Taehyun I'm just thankful but still so upset

Fool, stupid
I now know it’s all my fault
Dummy, idiot
I now know it’s all my fault
Baby I was a fool
I was a fool

The chorus is a gem, more so when they sing "I was a fooooooool~" Ooh, did I mention there's less rap, so Hoony sings too. I don't worry about Seungyoon and Jinwoo. Hihi I just like how this song showcases each of them equally. When they sing this live, I think I won't be able to breathe properly. Lels

Well, it has been quite unfulfilling to be an Inner Circle for the past months but they're back now! THEY'RE. BACK. It's hard to digest sometimes. Hahahuhu. But my ears, my eyes, my heart, my soul, my bank account () have always been ready~ Actually, I've ordered in the 2 sets, FOR SEOUL x FOR LA already Yassss, I'm gonna splurge only for them from now on.


I'll keep you posted on these! It's been so long having merch~ I wish I can buy this and more myself in Korea. In time And if WINNER continues to actively promote this year, I. NEED. TO. FLY. THERE. ASAP!!!

Make sure to listen to these tracks, yall! Take it from this fool for WINNER. If you're also one, then let's spazz!

P.S. I still have my previous blog open for Kpop lyrics. Hangul + Romanization lyrics of FATE NUMBER ONE here.
P.P.S. Credit to POPGASA for English translation of lyrics I quoted above.


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