It was April 2014 when I went on my first real trip with my best-friend-from-work, Anna Mari. Siargao was our destination that summer and boy, do I have such fond memories of that week in paradise.
Travelling seems so normal and easy nowadays, especially with all the airfare promos, affordable tour packages and DIY tips. Then again, it wasn't the case for me. It still isn't actually. So much bravery is needed on my part whenever I wish to go and be merry in some other place in the world~

Bravery to have parents' consent

I'm no longer a minor - I'm 24, to be exact - but if you have conservative parents like mine, you'll have to gather your wits to ask permission to travel. Okay, that was during the early days; good thing the parentals are lax now, since they really see (and know) that it is what I wanna do with my life and my money. Still, it's necessary for me to keep them updated on where I'm going and who I'm with. If I didn't have the heart to push this, I think I'm gonna stay at home forever. Haha but no way!

Bravery to take leave from work

Perfect scenario: someone pays me to travel. Or that I get to go to good places for work. Well, I'm in neither situation (not yet?). I have an 8 to 5 job I have to maintain because definitely, it feeds me on normal days and funds my wanderlust on special ones. I have to show up to this job every weekday and perform my tasks on the road to payday. So, when I get to schedule trips that include a workday, I have to take it into consideration. A one-day absence is a big deal already! But in order to do what I love, I have to properly request to be excused. It's totally nerve-wracking but so far, I've been fruitful in getting my bosses' approval. Yasss!

Bravery to handle the world's uncertainties

Travel in itself is bravery. Sure, it's a luxury to relax and discover what's out there + an escape from reality. Then again, it's also an adventure. Adventure usually refers to an exciting or remarkable experience but it can also mean the encountering of risks (thanks Merriam-Webster *wink*). Risk can be attributed to danger, right? So, when you travel, whether you're solo or with a group, there'll constantly be threats and trouble that will come your way. But does that fact stop you and I and others as well? I don't think so.

I srsly think I'm weak-hearted, but when it comes to travel, I just fire up! Haha isn't that ironic? But it always pays to be prepared and I know one that can be my partner-in-crime: Urbanize!

With these 5 products from Urbanize, I'm definitely able to tackle anything before, during and after my travels:


It's definitely a must to have a backpack that can hold all of my belongings, from clothes, toiletries to gadgets. I've really been eyeing this one from Cabin Zero because yes, it's spacious and sturdy yet it's ultra-light! Its outer material is waterproof also, perfect for unpredictable weather or even for accidental spills. What totally got me sold though: this Classic 44L has a Global Luggage Tracker, powered by Okoban! I don't wish it upon myself that I lose my baggage but if it happens, then I can be assured it'll come back to me sooner rather than later. Oh, did I mention it has 10 years warranty?


My camera is a big part of any trip. I will never ever leave the house without it fully charged and all. I've definitely invested in one that will capture memories that I will treasure forever~ Yeeeh With that, I need to have it secured anywhere I go, especially when I'm not using it yet, like on transit.

Pacsafe does such as job excellently with this Camsafe anti-theft camera bag! First off, I can put in my camera + there's space for one spare lens. If I don't bring my extra lens, I can use it to put my other essentials as well, like money or my phone. I'm confident in doing so because this bag has eXomesh® slashguards and the Lockabout™ security clip, which help protect against pickpockets or bag slashers. This item will surely put me at ease regarding my beloved camera. I can't handle losing my Fuji~ Huhu no wayyy

Another one from Pacsafe~ What's special about this wallet, you ask? Well, aside from its many slots for cards and bills, it's of RFIDsafe™ blocking material! RFIDsafe™ means thieves won't be able to have access to your personal information from IDs and cards. To be honest, this is new information for me and I'm glad to have been brought to my senses! Prevent yourself from identity theft (and more) with this wallet. This isn't just for travelling; I need this for daily life!

4. STASH™ 750 ML from HYDRAPAK

My destinations are varying: it could be a city, a beach or a mountain. With the energy I spend for exploring, I need to catch up and hydrate myself. So far, I've always been just buying bottled water and then reusing it before buying another one. I've now realized it's not good for me and for the environment as well~ So to stop my madness, I need me a bottle that can accompany me during times of dehydration. Haha
The Stash™ bottle holds my water but in a more purposeful way. It's light and durable - it doesn't have to be a chore to bring. When it's not full or even empty, the bottle can be flattened, making it occupy a small space in your bag. And what have you, you can fill it with hot or cold water! If I want a cold beverage at the top of a mountain or a hot drink when it's cold, I can just achieve that easily.


As I've mentioned, I bring my camera and my phone. You can also add my powerbank to this gadget list. With all these devices, I'll have to use multiple ports to charge them and all. But when you're out with family or friends, they've got their own gadgets to charge too! It's really a normal scenario to race to the outlets. Haha before, I've also encountered that the room we had only had one outlet. Imagine!
That's where Lewis N. Clark and their global adapter come in. At the same time, I can charge two or more devices with just a single outlet slot! It has dual USB ports too, so it's no longer necessary to bring my phone's charger adapter, for instance. I may only be able to use this in the Philippines for now, but if I fly abroad soon, I don't have to worry about different plug configurations. Isn't it such a convenience?

There are so many important stuff that Urbanize can offer but these are my top picks! I want them so bad because they'll absolutely make any journey lighter, easier and safer~ Most importantly, I won't have to worry my parents a lot if I have them! Haha they'll know I'm fully equipped. These items will make one more confident to wander wherever and whenever - who wouldn't want that?

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