✨ Event Diary — CHINGKEETEA Art Fair

I've only ever heard about art fairs and similar events in Manila, so when I heard CHINGKEETEA was gonna host one, I knew I had to go! Hopefully, this is the start for more fairs that I can attend~ Bigger ones, if I may add.

This was held in their main branch in Pabayo on April 21 - 22. I was only able to go on Saturday because no work day! Teejay and Jason accompanied me

Art stuff were displayed in the walkway to the cafe itself. It's pretty stuffy and narrow but when you see all the artworks, the feeling's gonna be all yay. Lels I was hesitant to take a lot of pictures though because in their minds, sellers might go, "Why are you taking photos but not buying!?" I'm paranoid, yall. *shrugs*

If I can wish for one talent, drawing is surely a strong bet! I would really love to have it~ Huhuhu look at how gifted these people are:


Oh, calligraphy. I avidly follow Abbey Sy for my dose of this visual art but there's definitely many who have ventured into it! And they're all amazing~ *sigh* So, Teejay and I bought these precious postcards and bookmarks


The postcard is mine and the all-yellow set is no doubt Teejay's (from IG) ㅋㅋㅋ

I bought one of the above patches from The Uncurated Foundry for 80 PHP. Guess which one?

Thanks for the time, you two~ By 6PM was the Poetry Night. It was my second time and there were more people than last year. I really loved two pieces from this poet / artist but I wasn't able to take note of her name. Her poem was about her sister wanting to get rid of her dark skin - it was so beautiful I have dark skin so yeah. It's titled either Ember or Amber? If you know who she is, please convey my awe

Again, here's to more art fairs and events!


  1. Such a nice art fair! I miss going to one. Always so amazed at all the new artists and works popping up! But same, I get really conscious when I take photos bec sales people keep staring and nakakahiya. Haha.

    xo, Lou | Caffeine Rush

    1. Hi Lou, nice, right? Haha I thought I was the only paranoid one! XD


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