✈ Baguio 2017 — The Mansion, Wright Park, Mines View Park and Botanical Garden

I envisioned Baguio to be big, but when we were there, it didn't seem like it at all. Hihi the must-visit spots are actually just really close to each other, so it wasn't very tiring. It's much more time- and strength-consuming to take photos, to be honest Especially because there were sooo many tourists~

We had lunch at this home resto (the name has escaped my mind, I'm sorry) after our stop at Camp John Hay.

It's no fancy place but the grandmother owner makes good, affordable dishes and it's pretty much a short walk near...


Location: Leonard Wood Road, Baguio

Entrance Fee: NONE

A lot of police were around because apparently, President Duterte was in the area! That timing Then again, because of his presence, it was quite strict (which is understandable). That means we didn't go past the gate.

Huge gate! So royal It can't be helped though, having the photobombers. Haha

And just in front of The Mansion...


Location: Leonard Wood Road, Baguio

Entrance Fee: NONE

Baguio people surely love their parks. Hihi actually, there's nothing much you do here except look around and enjoy nature, with or without company. For me, I used this opportune time to take pictures of myself (DUH)

Got to try the Igorot costume as well for 20 PHP per person.

How do I look?
By this time, my camera was almost dead and it sucked since we still have 2 stops left. I'm so gonna buy an extra battery soon~


Location: Gibraltar Road, Baguio

Entrance Fee: NONE

This was probably the most tourist-filled area. There were loads of people!

Okay, I have a snap to prove that claim See it for yourself when you go there though~ If you go early, it might be a different story. Haha

There are more shops here, both inside and outside, so if you haven't done (enough) shopping, you're still good

I've read blogs that mentioned this pink horse, which made me really wanna see it. Because pink! But I kind of felt bad for it. Look at its face~ It looked tired and all. Maybe that's why I didn't ride it If you wanna take a souvenir shot with it, it costs 50 PHP for 3 photos.

Anyhoo, I had high hopes for the observation deck of Mines View Park but it was just so crowded. It was hard enough to stand; I may have even ended up in someone's camera roll. Lels

The view was grand, nonetheless. Just that I didn't get to enjoy it enough. Next time, I'll come here first!

Panoramic shot using iPhone 5S
And last but not the least, the fam went to the...


Location: Leonard Wood Road, Baguio

Entrance Fee: NONE

We didn't stay long here though because we were getting tired and all that. Well, what to see here: more plants and flowers. Really, if you're a nature lover, Baguio would be paradise.

There are Igorot people in this area and they may join you when you take photos. My tita told us to not let them because they will ask money from you. Anyways, if you're okay with them, then that's your discretion

And finally, sunflower pictures!!! Since the strawberry farm, I've been wanting to snap but I had to pay to go near them. Here in this garden, it's free~


Other places we visited: Burnham Park + SM City Baguio + Session and Harrison Roads. We braved the cold and weariness for the ukay-ukay until 11PM. Haha the Night Market was bustling and there were so many Koreans~

Hmm, that's about it for our 1-day-around-Baguio trip!


  1. Exceptionally decent view. I cherish it. Most particularly the beautiful magnificence of the pine tress and the photo of the chilly climate. The people were appreciating and I begrudge them.


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