🎞 Film Diary — "I'm Drunk I Love You" aka Freakin Movie of My Life

I've been postponing this a lot and so here it got me... My reaction is too late. Haha but on Twitter, you've probably seen me spazzing like crazy~ Even before I've actually seen it

Well, a petition had to be done for I'm Drunk I Love You to come and be shown all the way here in Cagayan de Oro - yasss, we had to practically beg for a local movie *rolls eyes* - and obviously, it was a success! It was shown at SM. They really got it all for you. Chos

Hmm, I don't really remember how I hyped myself up to watch this film. Maybe I came across it on Facebook or Twitter? Just that when I saw the trailer, "Dayuuuum, I have to see this!!!", was my reaction. I knew - I just knew - I needed to see this. Why? Because it may just be the FREAKIN MOVIE OF MY LIFE.

And guess what? It really is. And why?

It's gonna get too personal right here, right now.

Well, duh, it's a story about UNREQUITED LOVE.

Which I've had much experience of 

From all the movies, Kdramas and novels that I've watched and read as a hopeless romantic, this pretty much hits home for me. Bull's eye, baks. I can now truly say I can relate to a character - I AM SHE.


Of course, it's about a guy best friend. No, I would label him a close friend - I think that's our level~ As such as Carson *loving* Dio, I was into him for SEVEN YEARS. How funny, right?! (NOT.) I would say I was always there for him when he needed me. We talked a lot; he was even the one messaging me first before. And then, that didn't have any meaning to me... Sure, I had a little crush but it never went beyond that because he's had his girls. Like Dio. But during the friendship, I was the one making more effort. Through it all, I was just there. Always. Like Carson.

I don't wanna delve too much into my sad love story, so at this point I'm just gonna applaud Maja Salvador's acting. Her portrayal was just sooo... ME. I mean, she embodied me as the unrequited lover. Dayuuum, her eyes and her stare Yes, there are many of us left only to look from afar (or even nearby, actually) and love silently. There are many of us who don't even stand a chance but still hope for more. And finally - FINALLY - there's this movie that depicts this all. In REAL, RAW and SINCERE form. And dang, it hurts. It hurts soooo bad to get to behold my love life flashing in front of my eyes (I had to pay for the pain too. Joke! Hihihuhu)

Then again, this film comes with realizations. I, for one, realize I srsly need to stop. NOW. Because even with the chemistry and closeness, if anything was to happen, it should've happened already. The feelings would've already been reciprocated. Right?

I would also like to think this makes the Dios out there realize that there may be Carsons in your life. You may have failed to identify and appreciate us. Even friendship is a relationship; it's work, it's give and take. But of course, it was Carson all along who wanted to give more. Anyway, that's not such a bad thing. Just that it needs to stop already when things seem futile. Easier said than done though.

Kudos, Paulo Avelino, for embodying the bastard that doesn't seem like he is. Haha ON POINT. I know Dio can't be blamed about the whole situation because he didn't know (Manhid! Or in denial? Lels) but he had such a BS reaction, I would've wanted the ground to swallow me whole if I was Carson.

Bakit ka ba nagsosorry? 'Di mo naman kasalanan na hindi mo ako mahal.

HUHUHU, remembering this particular scene now, I can't take it 

But here we go... Time check! Time to graduate from the unrequited craziness I put myself through. For the life of me, I couldn't and wouldn't confess, so Imma find me a better man, yall~ I'm lying trying~


All in all, I'm just pretty convinced this movie was my story. Right, Direk?

He actually retweeted me.

I'm pretty much all over the place on this one. Forgive meee

Well, here's to I'm Drunk, I Love You: you make me wanna get drunk (I actually don't drink), you make me wanna go to La Union (I passed there otw to Baguio though!), you make me wanna confess (uhm, how about NO?), you make me wanna cry (#TRUTH) and dayuuum, you make me wanna love even with all the pain (of course) 

PS. I need more unrequited love films like this because it's always not a happy, romantic ending for everyone~

PPS. The OST pala is to die for and I wanna fully feature it but next time. The songs aren't on Spotify (except Lloydy) yet and I'm so gonna buy it when it comes out, as in the physical CD. I'm just gonna leave you with this gem - prepare yo tissues:


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