✈ Baguio 2017 — Lourdes Grotto, Diplomat Hotel and Camp John Hay

Continuing our one-day Baguio tour... (Part 1 here )

A quick Google search tells me that the Lourdes Grotto in Baguio has 252 steps. Whoa! I didn't count when I was there because I wasn't exactly prepared - physically and maybe even mentally So, I'm telling you to be ready for a hike of sorts.


Location: Dominican Hill, Baguio

Entrance Fee: NONE

It was around 9 AM but it was already scorching hot, which definitely made the climb even harder. Of course, don't bring any big bags except if you wanna torture yourself~

Besides the Lady of Lourdes Grotto figure, there's a chapel to the left and a candle lighting area to the right. There's a lot of people, to be honest, but that shouldn't stop you to observe silence since it's a sacred place.

A quick drive uphill then brings us to this haunted hotel!


Location: Dominican Hill, Baguio

Entrance Fee: NONE

I first heard of / read it from Jelito De Leon's blog and his account + photos got me curious. I'm not a fan of horror stuff but knowing it has history, it's fascinating. But still scary. Haha

I don't know, I was just creeped out, though this was in broad daylight. But I (obviously) kept taking photos. Haha we were also able to go to the top floors. I really liked it up there because of this great view:


Location: Loakan Road, Baguio

Entrance Fee: 60 PHP

You pay when you enter the Camp John Hay Historical Core. It consists of the Bell Ampitheater, the Bell House, the History Trail, the Cemetery of Negativism, among others.

This is the Bell Ampitheater, full of grass and flowers. Actually, Baguio as a whole is so full of blooms that I will most likely make a separate picture post for them!

The heat by this time (almost lunch) was painful~ I mean, I was actually expecting it wouldn't be that hot because Baguio but dayuuum, the temperature apparently rose when we came. And did I say I packed a lot of sweaters?  #ExpectationVSReality

Anyways, you can just proceed to the Bell House, home of Major General J. Franklin Bell who is the commanding General of the American Forces in the Philippines way back.

It was such an interesting visit to a cozy American home. It seemed cozy to me, that is. Hihi I felt like I went abroad or time-traveled~

Explored the History trail and the others... Basically, it's a stroll by and around nature. Well, pine trees!

To be honest, one of my priorities was to shoot a lot of pines and of course, have me plastered in the frame too

Four more places await~


  1. If you are on a travel to Baguio, I can say this is a must visit place in Baguio. Nice blog! Thanks for sharing.


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